Use us with Confidence

At Louth Self Storage, we aim to offer our customers something a little different. The largest facility of our kind in the area, our mission is to provide not only a range of services, but an assortment of useful tools and reading materials and a team you can trust in.


Based in Manby Business Park, Louth, we want to provide a self-storage service that you can use with confidence. This means recognising our customers’ needs and catering to them as far as we’re able – a goal we’re continually working towards.


Our site has been designed with this specific purpose in mind. Spanning 1.6 acres, every inch of it is secure, so that whether you store your goods in our indoor units or our outdoor shipping containers, you can have full faith that no harm will come to them on our watch.


We have a number of ways of making sure they stay safe, from secure fencing around our perimeter to an intruder alarm system and 24-hour CCTV. Believing that prevention is better than cure, our security is of the highest calibre, with our multi-pronged approach keeping your possessions protected at all times.


As a member of the Self Storage Association UK, our team is proud to hold itself to the highest standards. Industry compliant in all ways, we nonetheless go above and beyond, so that you can have full faith in us to do the job you need us to.

This applies to all of our services, from personal storage through to business storage. Offering an array of options in order to meet your needs as fully as possible, we make sure that from the smallest unit to the largest shipping container, we provide the same level of protection for your possessions.


We’re always searching for new ways to improve, and this doesn’t just extend to our security. We believe you do and should expect more than the minimum from us, which is why we’re constantly producing new materials that you might find handy, like our latest useful size guide.


Helping you to work out which size of unit would be best for you, it cuts down on the guesswork so we can provide you with exactly what you need from the word go.


Storing your goods to the very highest standard, the team at Louth Self Storage are genuinely committed to providing a customer experience par excellence, and to ensuring you can have complete peace of mind when you store your goods and possessions with us.


Why not contact us today on 01507 327008 for more information.


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