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Regardless of industry or services offered, all businesses have important documents and records that must be kept safe and organised at all times.


Our centrally-located self storage facility is the perfect option to ensure exactly that. From everyday document storage to archive storage, let us be your solution to a decluttered workspace and the end to lost or damaged documents.


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When it comes to the world of business, paperwork is inevitable. However, our archive storage option can be a perfect solution for any business looking to keep documents safe, organised and secure.


Here are some of the advantages of storing documents offsite:


• Decluttered paperwork means more space in the office
• A streamlined office can improve your team’s productivity
• Document storage is more affordable than leasing extra office space
• Enjoy quicker and easier access to your documents when you need them
• Documents are less likely to suffer loss, damage and human error


Louth Self Storage also has an onsite box shop stocked with quality boxes for your documents. From employee files to invoices and receipts, our offsite document storage solutions can ensure your archives stay safe, secure and organised at all times.

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to organising paperwork without the right document storage system in place. Our offsite document storage options and simple tips are the perfect combination to get your filing in order.


Here are a few tips for properly storing your documents in a storage unit:


  • Remove all duplicate paper documents – only store what you have to keep
  • Purchase archive boxes (visit our onsite box shop for document storage boxes)
  • Label your boxes clearly and store them by month and year for easy reference
  • Have a document retention policy (from creation through to shredding)

From invoices to client information, save your business time and money by archiving documents safely with Louth Self Storage. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes as well as flexible lease agreements allowing you to upsize or downsize when needed.


Not sure what size unit you need? Give our handy unit size guide a try! 

Most businesses know that keeping business documents, such as tax records and expense accounts, for up to six years is vital. But did you know that keeping CVs and interview notes for up to six months is just as important?


Here are a few other documents all UK businesses should be holding onto:


  • Bank records such as statements and counterfoils – six years
  • Expense accounts – seven years
  • Employee records such as payroll, sick pay and income tax records – six years

If hanging onto all these documents seems daunting due to limited office space, Louth Self Storage is here to help. You can archive all your business paperwork safely and securely with us with the option to downsize and upsize your unit as needed. 

We offer a range of storage solutions to meet the various needs of your business. This includes: