Furniture Storage

Furniture storage

Furniture can be clumsy and awkward to store, especially when relocating, moving in with a partner or preparing to welcome a baby.


At Louth Self Storage, we offer the ultimate furniture storage solution with our flexible rental agreements. Our safe and secure storage facility has a selection of indoor storage units and outdoor storage containers waiting to house your furniture!


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When storing furniture at Louth Self Storage, you only pay for the space you need and not a penny more.


The storage unit price is determined by the size of the unit and the length of stay, meaning that you only pay for the space you need — for as long as you need. If your requirements change over time, our flexible rental agreements allow you to upsize or downsize as needed.

Secure storage units provide a safe space to keep your furniture during a move, when creating extra room in the home or during a life event. Yet furniture can be bulky, heavy and expensive, so it’s vital to invest in quality packaging materials and pack the pieces carefully.


To better protect your belongings, keep the following tips in mind when preparing for long-term storage:


  • Clean your furniture and remove dust, dirt, food debris and other loose particles
  • Prepare wooden and leather furniture appropriately by applying a coat of furniture polish
  • Disassemble large furniture to make the most of the storage space
  • Wrap furniture in blankets, sheets, cloth or furniture covers to protect the surfaces
  • Cover fragile elements with soft paddings such as blankets or bubble wrap
  • Ensure that your furniture is dry before storage
  • Avoid putting plastic wrap directly on fabric, leather or pieces of wood


Preparing your furniture for storage is only half the job. Next, you need to pack your storage unit or storage container correctly, ensuring that the items are well-positioned for a safe long-term stay.


Consider the following tips when packing furniture, making sure that your pieces will stay protected for as long as needed:


  • Choose the right size storage unit to comfortably fit all of your belongings, leaving space for the furniture to breathe (especially leather pieces)
  • Line the storage unit floor with blankets or cardboard, or raise the furniture off of the floor
  • Place the heaviest items at the bottom and lighter items higher up
  • Avoid placing sharp edges on top of upholstered pieces
  • Pack large and bulky items in the storage unit first to maximise space
  • Don’t overfill the storage unit (rather go up a storage unit size if necessary)

At Louth Self Storage, our safe and secure storage facility boasts a variety of storage units and storage containers to meet your furniture storage needs.


When you choose Louth Self Storage to be the temporary home for your furniture, you can expect an excellent quality of service, including:


  • Staying as long or as short as you need with our flexible rental agreements
  • Pay competitive storage prices for your unit
  • Trusting that your furniture is safe in our clean and secure alarmed facility, with 24-hour CCTV monitoring
  • Enjoy the convenience of an on-site packaging shop
  • A friendly and helpful team always ready to go the extra mile