Calm the Chaos: 13 Toy Storage Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of your home and the place where you make some of your best memories, from family game nights to tea time with your favourite neighbour.


This lively space is rarely empty; even without a family member in sight, you’ll see their presence in a leftover coffee mug, a pair of slippers by the door, or even the little ones’ toys scattered about the carpet.


We love a lived-in space, but there’s a fine line between comfort and clutter. With kids around, your space might even border on chaotic. But fret not, we’ve got 13 toy storage ideas to calm the chaos and keep a cosy, clutter-free living room!


1. Under-the-Sofa Storage



Guilty of kicking stuff under the couch before any visitors spot the mess? Turns out, that’s not the worst strategy. Make the most of this space with storage bins or compartmentalised organisers. Not only do these make for good storage, but they’ll keep toys organised and dust-free. This spot is also easily accessible for kids to grab their toys.


2. Rolling Toy Cart


Ever heard of portable storage? Instead of a permanent chest or basket taking up more space than you have, create a toy station that you can roll in and out of your living room.


You could even use a pull-along wagon as the cart, encouraging your kid to pick up after themselves as they pull their wagon along. For a bohemian touch, opt for a wooden cart instead of the typical bright plastic.


3. Baskets and Bins


Wicker baskets with toys


Investing in a set of wicker baskets will instantly upgrade your home décor and storage game. Not only are these useful, but they’re timeless as well, and they work for all kinds of storage. As long as they don’t splinter, they’re pretty child-safe. However, if safety is a concern, fabric storage bins can be just as stylish. You can station these on shelves or even just on the floor, where they’ll be more accessible to your kid when they want to grab their toys.


4. Toy Teepee


A child in a living room teepee


Tired of toys taking up the whole living room? If you have the space, why not create a designated play area? Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to clash with your living room décor. A small white teepee can blend in seamlessly while concealing colourful toys and giving your child a dedicated space to play. If white isn’t for you, these little tents come in all sorts of designs and patterns to match your space.


Create a cosy environment inside with plush cushions, a throw, and some teddies. For added décor, string fairy lights around the tent.


5. Teddy Hammocks


Good soft toy storage is more important than you think. After all, teddies are the toys we hold onto longest — long after kids outgrow playtime. Unfortunately, these sentimental toys can get very dirty. While a regular wash helps, proper storage means less wear and tear and less dust accumulating day to day.


The number one priority? Keeping them off the floor. Give the teddies their own designated seating area; a hammock is easy and inexpensive to set up and is bound to look adorable.


6. Display Shelves


Aesthetically pleasing toys on display


This option is reserved for the prettiest toys of the bunch. Think plush toys, doll houses, simple wooden pieces, and even storybooks. Some of these pieces make for better décor than you’d think and celebrate your little one’s youthful presence in your home. Repurpose an old bookcase for your display or mount floating shelves.


7. Multi-Purpose Seating


Forget about that new couch set; instead, go for multifunctional furniture like ottomans with hidden storage compartments. These provide plenty of space for toys while concealing them. Unlike a dedicated chest or cabinet, they won’t take up extra space without serving an additional purpose. You can also find benches with lift-up tops and pull-out drawers or cupboard doors.


8. Craft Station


Craft supplies


If your kid’s the creative type, it’s best to limit their activities to one section of the room. After all, you don’t want them tracking paint all over the floor. A craft station adds a nice creative touch to the living room.


Store craft supplies in mason jars; we recommend placing these on the window sill for artsy, out-of-the-way storage. If you’re feeling bold, set up a tiny easel. Just remember to lay down some canvas or plastic sheets when they get started on their artwork.


9. Pegboard Organiser


Low on floor space? It’s time to start thinking vertically. Customise a pegboard with hooks and shelves for the perfect toy storage wall. This looks best with craft supplies and smaller trinkets.


10. Hanging Bag Storage


Burlap sacks for storage


If you’ve already got a coat rack or mounted hooks, this is an easy hack. Grab some trendy totes, woven baskets, or burlap sacks (you can mix and match too), stuff them with your kid’s favourite toys, and hang them up.


11. Canvas Toy Storage


A flat, drawstring canvas bag that doubles as a playmat is perfect for toy storage. Do you have a million pieces of LEGO lying around? Contain them all in the canvas bag and make sure they don’t stray from the perimeter during playtime. Afterwards, you can close the bag up neatly, and fold it into a closet or carry it to your kid’s room.


12. Toy Table


Seating isn’t the only kind of multifunctional furniture. Lots of coffee tables and larger dinner tables come with storage compartments built in. If your table doesn’t come with storage, you can DIY pull-out drawers or shelving yourself.


This is a good place for puzzles and board games since we tend to play with these on tables and other flat surfaces. Another option is to swap out your regular coffee table with a flat-top chest, adding a rustic touch to your living room.


13. Ladder Shelf


A sleek ladder shelf is the perfect accessory for your living room. It takes up little floor space while still offering valuable storage space. Pop some storage baskets on each shelf and you’ll have plenty of space for putting toys away.


Bonus tip: Ladder shelves look particularly stylish when decorated with shrubs and hanging pot plants.


There you have it — no more stepping on LEGO and losing toys between couch cushions. With our 13 clever toy storage ideas, your space will be fun, family-friendly, and free of clutter.


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