Top vegetables to grow in your small garden in autumn 

The warm summer months are coming to an end, and the leaves are starting to turn into golden hues. Planting vegetables in your home garden is a fun way to make the most of your time outdoors before the winter chill encourages everyone to stay indoors. 

Autumn is a good time to sow vegetable seeds and enjoy the nutritious ingredients in the comfort of your home. The following vegetables grow well in the mild autumn weather. 

Top tip: If you want to continue growing your vegetable garden in the colder months, you can build a greenhouse or polytunnel!



Roasted radishes taste so much better when they’ve been picked from your own garden. The rich-coloured vegetables grow within four weeks of planting, meaning you don’t have to wait too long before popping them into the oven.  



Carrots are versatile vegetables that are packed with nutrients. The hardy vegetables can tolerate colder temperatures, but it’s best to plant them early rather than later. Make sure to keep the soil moist for optimal results!  


Spring onions 

Spring onions can be picked and enjoyed within eight weeks of planting the seeds, making them a relatively quick turnover crop. Simply find a sunny spot with moist, well-drained soil and sow your seeds. The small vegetable is also a great filler crop to plant amongst other autumn vegetables.   



Do you plan to serve creamy spinach over the festive season? The leafy veg is fast and easy to grow. Once you cut the leaf, it starts to grow again, reproducing delicious leaves to serve on the dinner table.   


Second cropping potatoes 

What would a winter meal be without a delicious potato dish? There are different varieties of the hearty vegetable, and second-cropping potatoes are best planted in autumn. Within 12 weeks, you can unearth the round, delicious vegetables and enjoy them as you wish. 


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