Top part-time jobs for university students

Student living can be costly. Whether you receive a student stipend thanks to a hard-earned scholarship (well done, smarty-pants!) or rely on pocket money from your family, a little extra income to fund essentials, snacks, and nights out is always welcome.


If you’re ready to hit the books and the job market, we’ve got you. Below, we look at some of the top part-time jobs for university students.


Babysitter/Au pair

This field is popular with uni students thanks to its flexibility. Although varying from family to family, many babysitting positions won’t require you to work standard eight to five shifts, allowing you the time to focus on your studies while still earning enough to supplement your monthly and day-to-day costs.


Virtual Assistant

VAs handle administrative duties for busy executives worldwide, making the job best suited to those who are organised and highly detail-oriented. Best of all, as long as you have time, a strong internet connection and a quality laptop, you can do this from the comfort of your dorm room.


Dog walker/pet sitter

Do you love puppy breath and all things furry and four-legged? Working as a dog walker or pet sitter requires no training and gives you the flexibility to schedule appointments around your classes. Remember to promote your services online and to homes close to campus to build up your client list.



Working at a restaurant, bar or club while studying may be a movie cliché, but it works! Flexible hours and decent tips aside (especially around the holidays!), learning to stay calm in a fast-paced environment is a valuable lifelong skill.



Tutoring is a fantastic way to make extra money while helping your classmates improve their grades. Additionally, if you’re looking to work in media one day, tutoring English or a creative writing class is a great way to gain amateur editorial experience.


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