Top factors to consider before storing household items in self storage

Most families have too many household items! From furniture and appliances to seasonal decorations, your home can look like a mountain of clutter over time if you’re not careful. If you’re considering self storage, keep reading for some factors you should think about first:


Leave appliance doors slightly open

Mould can accumulate over time, especially in appliances that retain water. Whether it’s a washing machine, fridge or freezer you’re looking to store, or maybe all three – ensure you leave their doors slightly ajar to avoid mould build-up and a musty smell.


Label boxes and containers correctly

After a few months of not being around your belongings, the mind tends to forget where certain items are packed. Ensure you label all boxes and containers so you can easily find any items you may be looking for.


Disassemble furniture

Disassemble your furniture to avoid dents, scratches and using too much floor space. Make sure you keep any bolts and screws in small Ziplock bags that you can pack into a safe place. Wrap each piece of furniture individually in bubble wrap for added protection.


Create a passage in your unit

The last thing you need is to unpack your entire unit to reach the microwave you’ve packed at the back. Ensure you leave a passage in the middle of your unit with items packed on either side of you so that you can walk freely in and out.


Make a list of all your items

Making a list is a vital step to take before putting anything into storage. You can even map out where you’ve packed items or which box they are in. As long as you have a list, you can keep track of your items and easily access them when needed.


Use your space cleverly

Cleverly pack small items into bigger ones like a fridge, cupboard or cabinet. This step will save you space and allow smaller bits and pieces to stay safe and together.

Whether you require storage because you’re downsizing properties or renovating the old one, Louth Self Storage has the space for you. From indoor and outdoor units to our on-site box shop – we have everything that’ll ensure you a smooth move or renovation process.

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