Top 5 apple recipes to make this Apple Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! The versatile fruit is a popular addition to the school lunchbox, an ingredient in a breakfast smoothie and enjoyed as a snack after dinner. You can bite into the crunchy flesh or you can roast them to enjoy as dessert — the options are endless!

Apple Day is celebrated on 21 October in the UK, commemorating the beauty of traditional orchards, as well as the many varieties of the delicious fruit.

We’ve put together a few tasty recipes to help you celebrate Apple Day in the comfort of your home. Choose your favourite recipe, invite your friends and family to visit and serve a delicious apple treat this Apple Day.


Apple chutney

Apple chutney tastes delicious with cheese, biscuits or a slice of toast. The simple recipe is easy to follow and can be adjusted based on your flavour preferences. Looking for a unique, affordable Christmas gift? A jar of homemade apple chutney is a guaranteed win!

View the apple chutney recipe here 


Honey apple layer cake

If you’re inviting guests over for tea and want to leave an impression, a honey apple layer cake will do the job! The “casual cake” is made with layers of fresh apple sponge, honey buttercream and crunchy oat crumble.

View the honey apple layer cake recipe here. 


Stuffed, baked apples

A warm, stuffed apple is the perfect dessert to serve on a chilly autumn evening. Various recipes are available online, but our favourite is a baked apple stuffed with oatmeal and brown sugar — served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

View the baked apple recipe here. 


Kale and apple soup

While apples are sweet in nature, they can also be used as an ingredient in a savoury dish. When combined with kale, pancetta and onion, apples can be blended to create hearty kale and apple soup, best served with a dollop of mascarpone cheese at the end.

View the kale and apple soup recipe here. 


Apple roses

The recipe for apple roses is easy to follow and impressive to present. The beautiful baked apples are best served fresh out of the oven (and with a scoop of ice cream).

View the apple rose pie recipe here. 


These recipes are easy to follow and delicious to taste. Get the family involved and enjoy quality time together while you prepare these recipes, appreciating the different uses of apples.

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