Tips for living with new roommates 

Living with anyone, whether a friend, family or stranger, can have its ups and downs. From letting dishes pile up in the sink to loud singing at all hours, we all have our quirks. But if you’re ready to create a harmonious environment, we’ve got you covered. Try our tips for stress-free living with new roommates.


Have open discussions

Everyone has their boundaries, expectations and preferences regarding household habits. The best way to prevent small irritations from escalating is to sit down with your roommates and discuss cleanliness, chores, respecting communal areas and general house rules from the get-go.


Become aware of each other’s schedules

Not everyone has a typical 9-5 schedule, especially university students. It’s best to establish early on if you need to keep it down during the day so your roommate can get some sleep for their upcoming night shift. A little consideration can go a long way.


Use headphones

Even if your roommates enjoy listening to the same music as you, they might not be in the mood to listen when you are, and they definitely don’t want to hear the horror movie you’re watching at 2 am. Be considerate and use your headphones whenever you can, ensuring your roommate does too.


Have an open mind

Everyone comes with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and upbringings. Keep an open mind and understand that your roommates’ habits may be vastly different to yours. Learn to meet in the middle and compromise when your differences begin to collide and create conflict.


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