Tips for living alone for the first time

Whether you’re young and nervous or seasoned and wise, living alone is an exciting step in your journey as you take control and make your own decisions. Do you love bold floral wallpaper? Go ahead and get it on the wall. Always wanted a Barbie-pink Pinterest-worthy kitchen? There’s nobody to stop you now.

While the thrills can be wonderful, living alone for the very first time can also be daunting and somewhat isolating. If you’re not used to cooking for one, taking care of yourself or managing household responsibilities, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. To help ensure your first days alone are memorable ones, check out our top tips for making the transition a little bit easier.

Establish a budget

You’re responsible for all of your expenses now, and if you’re not careful, you may overspend and wind up in debt. Before you move out, establish how much money you’ll need for essentials such as rent, groceries, and utilities, then make sure you have enough money left over for things like entertainment and incidentals.

Learn how to cook for one

It’s a universal truth that fruits and veggies somehow go rotten a little bit faster when you’re paying for them. To avoid tossing out items that you swore were perfectly good just last night, consider cooking in larger batches and freezing for later. A little planning and meal prepping can go a long way in avoiding waste.

Learn basic home repairs

Do you know how to unclog a sink? What to do if the lights go out or how to handle an emergency flood in your home? These are not skills you want to learn during a crisis. Learning how to do a few basic repairs around the house before you’re on your own can potentially save a great deal of money on home repair services and help you be more independent.

Create a comfortable space

The best part of living alone is the opportunity to unleash your interior design beast. If you have always wanted a green oasis, go nuts with all the plants your heart and home can handle. You may never have another chance to live on your own, so take advantage and create a space that is 100% you. Design a space you will look forward to coming home to.

Don’t forget to socialise

If you’re an introvert, the ability to live alone in your private haven is pure bliss. Unfortunately, it can also lead to you unintentionally isolating yourself. Make a point to leave your cosy nest and hang out with friends or enjoy a solo adventure around town. Your home should be your haven – not your prison.


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