Storage-friendly home decor ideas

Creating more storage space at home without resorting to boxy and bulky pieces is not easy. In fact, most storage-friendly furniture can make your space look generic instead of curated. To help you make the most out of every inch of square space, we look at five storage-friendly home decor ideas that will hide clutter and give your home a stylish upgrade.


Invest in ottomans

From a small storage ottoman to go with your favourite armchair to a larger one at the end of your bed or as a window seat in the lounge, ottomans are the number one home decor hack to create more storage with style.


Select multipurpose furniture

A couch with storage drawers underneath is another space-saving option. Remember – a piece doesn’t have to be built for storage to be functional. A sleek metal bar cart can double as a side table, and you can fill it with your favourite reading materials if you’re not a drinker.


Add a bookcase

A floor-to-ceiling bookcase is the ultimate storage-friendly home decor, providing tons of additional storage while dressing up a blank wall. Stock them with your favourite books and decorative items on top and pop in a few wicker baskets on the bottom to hide everyday clutter.


Use bedroom furniture

If you need a side table for your entryway, lounge or dining room but can’t find the right one, opt for a standard bedroom dresser. With a few wooden rods, some glue, a coat of paint and new handles, you can transform a basic dresser into a polished, high-end piece with tons of storage space.


Repurpose vintage items

Marketplace, flea markets and secondhand stores are great for finding unique vintage pieces. With a bit of imagination and TLC, you can turn an old steam trunk into a stylish and fun coffee table that hides extra blankets or turn an old desk into a cottage-core-inspired entry table perfect for storing documents and other miscellaneous items.

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