Document Storage: How Self Storage Can Help You Stay Organised and Safe

Is your office cluttered with files, leaving paperwork strewn across your desk and critical documents buried? A disorganised workspace is the enemy of productivity. Without proper document storage, hours are lost over time as we search for contracts, struggle to make desk space, and head to the printer room to make that tenth copy.

To save you the hassle, we’ve explained everything you need to know about document storage below. Read on to find out how self storage can come to the rescue when you’re drowning in paperwork.


What Is Document Storage?


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Proper document storage entails archiving paper documents and records in a purpose-built space that guarantees their preservation. Not only should this space keep your documents in good condition, but it should also allow for convenient organisation and easy access while prioritising security.


Many people, organisations, and companies have turned to dedicated document storage spaces to maximise their space, comply with regulations around paperwork, and boost productivity.


Self storage facilities are popular options for document storage, as this kind of storage is often something they specialise in.


Why You Should Use Document Storage


Document storage has many attractive benefits. Some businesses use document storage for legal requirements, while others have simply made the smart decision to store their files off-site in a secure environment. Regardless of the reasoning, proper document storage benefits everyone and solves major issues. Here’s how:


Maximises Workspace


Businesses tend to churn out stacks of paperwork weekly, and if you’re storing these documents on-site, they can quickly dominate your premium office space. Important documents like contracts and financial records may need to be kept for several years. In no time, these documents will have a monopoly on the spare room that could’ve been an extra office.


This is particularly troublesome for small businesses that may not have a lot of office space to work with in the first place — especially if they’re beginning to see growth and can’t upsize their commercial space as quickly.


Self storage facilities usually offer a wide range of unit sizes, meaning you can choose just as much space as you need for document storage. Plus, leases tend to be flexible, so you can adjust the space you need depending on how much you need to store at any given time. When you store documents off-site at your storage unit, you can embrace a clutter-free workspace once more and use the space for other business purposes.


Allows for Careful Preservation


Have you been shoving all your documents into drawers and cabinets? Or perhaps piling them at the edge of your desk? Without a dedicated storage space, you may find your documents picking up coffee stains, getting crumpled, or bleeding ink. Sure, you can make copies, but if important original paperwork gets damaged, it can become a huge hassle. It can also be pricey to replace certain documents, and in some cases, impossible. That’s why a temperate, secure room intended solely for storage is the way to go — no overflowing cabinets or fluctuating weather; just an airy, spill-free zone.


Enhances Organisation & Time Management


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Document storage isn’t just tossing your files in a unit and calling it a day. Try out something like wire shelving to make the most of your space. You can place files in archive boxes and create an indexing or cataloguing system. Arrange them by date, alphabetical order, or whatever works for you or your business. With a specific organisational system, retrieving your documents will be quick and easy. No more wasted time hunting down paperwork; just pop on over to your nearby storage unit and you’ll find exactly what you need with no trouble.


Plus, you’ll have controlled access to your unit, allowing you to keep track of what’s going in and out. This allows you to keep track of everything — no more “he said, she said” with colleagues misplacing files.


Offers Top-Notch Security


The security component is perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to invest in document storage. Storing documents securely can help meet regulatory compliance or legal obligations, ensuring that important records are preserved for the required period. Depending on your industry, you may want to check if there are specific security standards for storing your paperwork.


A self storage facility is likely to have superior security compared to that of your workplace. You should make sure to choose one with alarms, on-site personnel, and CCTV surveillance to protect sensitive documents.


Helps With Disaster Recovery and Backup


Off-site document storage acts as a backup in case of emergencies or disasters at the primary location. If original documents are lost or damaged, having copies stored elsewhere can be crucial for business continuity. Remember, having your things stored digitally isn’t always foolproof.


Tips For Storing Documents in Your Self Storage Unit


Now that we’ve covered all the benefits of document storage, here is how you should go about storing all your paperwork and records in your storage unit:

Choose Appropriate Containers: Use archival-quality boxes, file cabinets, or plastic bins to store documents. Ensure these containers are sturdy, acid-free, and resistant to moisture to prevent damage.
Handle With Care: Before handling documents, make sure that your hands are clean and avoid touching the text or images directly. Use gloves if necessary to prevent oils or other residue from transferring onto the paper.
Organise and Label: Categorise documents and label boxes or folders clearly. As we mentioned before, creating an index to locate specific documents easily when needed can be very helpful.
Use Acid-Free Paper: When storing documents long-term, use acid-free paper or folders to prevent yellowing or deterioration of the original documents.
Dispose of Unnecessary Copies Securely: Shred or destroy extra paper copies of documents you no longer need to maintain security and prevent clutter in storage.
Backup and Digitise: Consider making digital copies of the documents you are storing in case you need to quickly refer to them.


Why Use Louth Self Storage’s Document Storage?


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Do you want a clutter-free workspace? At Louth Self Storage, we have specialised document and archive storage solutions. Our secure, centrally located facility offers storage options for businesses of all sizes — whether you have mountains of paperwork or a few filing cabinets’ worth of documents. Plus, you can grab quality archive boxes at our on-site box shop!


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