Spring is on it’s way!

Now is the perfect time to clean and declutter


There’s no better time of year for decluttering and having a really good spring clean.


As the days get longer and the evenings get lighter, it’s the ideal time to quite literally brush the cobwebs away and make the house a little bit lighter too.


We all have some “junk” taking up valuable space around the house, especially after a long winter. We have bulkier clothes, a collection of January sales items, winter boots and Christmas decorations that can all go into hiding now that spring is much closer.


Some rooms may be worse than others, the garage, shed, loft, basement and closets are prime hotspots for all of our clutter.


If you feel like decluttering can be a bit of a mammoth task, then don’t worry. There is a great system to help you organise yourselves.


First of all, start by doing one area at a time and create a sorting system.


Sort items into three categories:

  •  KEEP


Tip 1: Ask yourself: “When did I last use this?” and “When will I next need this?” this should help you make your decisions.


Tip 2: Items you KEEP should go in their newly designated space, wherever that is. If it’s going in a box, it’s always a good idea to label it with the contents.


Tip 3: If you’ve not used it for the past 6 months or even forgot you had an item, you should think hard about what to do with it.


There will no doubt be items that you find that will stir up memories, have sentimental value and are challenging to part with. In that case, you can always keep it without it cluttering up your house by putting it safely in storage.


If you’re looking to clear up space for spring cleaning or until next winter, place them into our safe, dry, affordable and secure STORAGE space here at Louth Self Storage.


Call 01507 327008 or drop in and pay us a visit, we have a whole range of storage solutions we can show you.



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