Self Storage vs Garage STORAGE: Why Off-Site Storage Can Be the Better Option

Searching for extra space to store your belongings? Two popular options come to mind: renting a self storage unit and clearing out some room in your garage. Both have their merits, but which one is the better choice for your specific needs? Could off-site storage be the better option?


We’re here to weigh in on the debate, discuss the benefits of each type, and dive into some key considerations so you can make the most informed decision.


What To Consider Before Choosing Self Storage or Garage Storage


There are various things to think about before you decide what kind of storage best suits your needs:


How Much Space Do You Need?


Someone packing their things into a garage full of boxes


How much space you need is perhaps the biggest factor to consider when making your choice. First, take stock of all the things you need to put into storage, and estimate how much square footage you’ll need for all your items.


If your garage is empty, you can try your luck with moving your items in and figuring out whether there’s enough space to store everything without causing any damage to your belongings. Storage will be a bit more tricky if you have any vehicles in your garage, and you might have to get creative with racks and ceiling storage.


With self storage, you can get as much space as you need, as most storage facilities offer a wide range of unit sizes. If you have larger items that require more space, this option is likely best for you. You also have the flexibility of adjusting your unit size with most self storage providers; if you ever need more space, upsizing from one month to the next is hassle-free.


The Costs


Many people opt for garage storage when they need extra space, thinking it’ll save them cash. While this is often true, it’s not always the case. Storage units come with the added expense of a monthly rental fee, but it could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


If you have a lot to store, cramping your things in limited garage space isn’t the best idea. Stacking too many things or hanging them from precarious hooks and racks could lead to accidents, causing permanent damage to your belongings — or even wreaking havoc on your vehicle. You may also need to arrange alternative parking for your vehicle if you need the entire garage, which could come at an added cost.


If you need a short-term storage solution, renting a unit is more cost-effective than investing in shelving and ceiling storage. If you upgrade to a bigger car later down the line, these things could easily get in your way.


Contrary to what many believe, self storage units are often more affordable than other storage options. When it comes to value for money, this option doesn’t disappoint.


How Accessible Is It?


An organised, spacious storage unit at Louth Self Storage


When you utilise your garage space for storage, you have the benefit of having all your things in close proximity, and you can access your things whenever you need them. If space is no issue, then this option is extremely convenient.


However, if your garage is packed to the brim with belongings, this could pose some serious accessibility issues. You’ll need enough space to comfortably manoeuvre around and retrieve your things without knocking into boxes and collapsing your stacks.


When packing your things into garage storage, make sure you’ve carved out a clear walkway — provided you have enough space to do so and store all your stuff. You don’t want to spend hours moving your things out of the garage just to get something tucked away at the back. If this is the case, the travel time to your storage facility might be less of an inconvenience.


If you’ve chosen the right storage unit size, accessibility should be no issue. You’ll have a perfectly organised space where you can access your belongings throughout the day. Many storage facilities have lengthy opening hours and are centrally located near city centres, so you’ll most often have a short commute to your unit.




For optimal security, self storage facilities will outdo your average household security measures. These facilities store a range of items, varying in value, for hundreds of customers, so they take safety and security very seriously.


You can expect to find robust security systems at any good facility, such as CCTV surveillance, on-site personnel, perimeter fencing, and sturdy locks. You may have decent security on your property, but your things will be safer in a storage unit. Most storage facilities will also help you arrange insurance for your stored items.


Your Business Needs


A warehouse unit at Louth Self Storage


For storing everyday items, your garage might be a great choice — but if you have any specific storage needs, consider whether your garage will be able to meet them. If you’re running an online business, for example, you might need space to store all your stock. Your garage could work at first, but as your business grows, so will your need for inventory space. You could move on to a storage unit, or even explore the warehousing options at storage facilities.


Business storage units can often be used as workshop spaces, so you’d have a space to do your work away from household distractions while maintaining a healthy work–life balance. You will have peace of mind knowing that any sensitive documents and expensive equipment will be secure at a storage facility.


The Climate Conditions


Does your garage become chilly during winter and humid in the warmer months? Will your things maintain their original condition while in garage storage? These are some key concerns that should come to mind when making your choice. Should you choose to go with garage storage, ensure the space remains cool and dry throughout the storing period. The last thing you want is mildew and rust on your stuff.


Storage facilities will make sure that their units — both indoor and outdoor — are cool and dry throughout the year, with adequate ventilation. If you’re interested in an outdoor storage container, go for a dry, watertight, and rust-free one. Storage facilities also do routine maintenance, ensuring their units and facilities are spotless, with no pests in sight.


When it comes to the age-old debate of self storage versus garage storage, we’re Team Storage Unit all the way! Weigh up the benefits for yourself and consider the extent of your needs to decide which option is best for you.


If you’ve decided to go with self storage, we’re prepared with a variety of options at Louth Self Storage. Whatever your storage needs, we’ll meet them with the most premium solutions in the area.


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