Are Self Storage Units Insured in Louth? Answered!

Looking to store your things in Louth? It can be hard to part with your precious belongings and entrust their care to anyone but you. Your chosen self storage facility may have the latest and greatest in security measures, but still… breaches and mishaps can happen anywhere. That’s why we recommend getting insurance for your self storage unit in Louth.


While many storage facilities worldwide offer insurance for your stored items, you’ll find a reliable contents protection policy at only one facility in Louth; that’s over here at Louth Self Storage!

Let’s have a look at why self storage insurance is an absolute must when you’re storing your things.


Why You Need Insurance for Your Self Storage Unit


Someone packing their insured belongings into a storage unit at Louth Self Storage

Many people don’t understand why they need special insurance for their stored items. Often, there’s the misconception that your stored items are protected by your regular household insurance — but this isn’t always the case. Some simply feel confident in their storage provider’s security and think there’s nothing to fear as the facilities are clean, reliable, and well-protected.


But we know you can’t ever be too careful. After all, high-tech surveillance and secure perimeters can keep intruders out, but they won’t keep a natural disaster at bay. Aside from theft and burglary, here are some things self storage insurance may offer:


– Protection from water damage
– Protection from fire and smoke
– Protection from rodents and pests
– Protection from riots and civil unrest


Another reason you might need to get insurance for your self storage unit is simply because your storage provider mandates it. This isn’t uncommon; often, self storage providers require that you take out their insurance policy when you rent with them or that you enlist a third-party insurance provider. If that doesn’t stress how important self storage insurance is, we’re not sure what will!



How Much Does Insurance for Your Storage Unit Cost?


Boxes and items displayed outside the storage unit

Insurance for your storage unit is most often excluded from your monthly rental cost; therefore, it will be an additional expense. That said, if you use your storage provider’s policy, the cost should be clearly communicated to you when you rent your unit and appear separately on your monthly invoice.


There is no one-size-fits-all price for what your storage unit insurance will cost; this will depend on the value of what you store and the level of coverage you go for. Your insurance provider; the terms and conditions of your policy; your unit size; the location of the storage facility; and the level of security provided can also influence your monthly premium.


Typically, insurance isn’t too pricey and can start at as little as £2 (or even less with some deals) for smaller units with less valuable items. If you’re storing more items or things of higher value, you could be looking at a monthly payment of £20 for storage unit insurance with more comprehensive coverage.


For the most accurate estimate, you’ll have to communicate with your insurance provider and list everything you plan to store. It’s also essential to keep this list up to date. As you add or remove items from your storage unit, let your insurance provider know as soon as possible.



What Louth Self Storage’s Contents Protection Policy Covers


A woman packing a box of clothing/linen for storage


Our Contents Protection Policy covers your stored items from damage or loss, from the time you place them in your storage unit up until the point that you retrieve them. Here’s how it works:


All Goods (except linen, clothing, and exclusions)


If the item is lost or destroyed, the basis of settlement would be the cost of replacing the item as new, provided that the new item is essentially the same but not significantly better than the original.


Linen & Clothing


When it comes to the loss of or damage of any linen and clothing items, underwriters will consider the age, quality, degree of use, and market value of each item to determine compensation.


Pairs & Sets


If an item is part of a pair or set, our insurers will cover the damaged individual item but not the undamaged companion piece. If the damaged items cannot be fixed or replaced, the insurers will also pay up to 50% for the undamaged part of the set.


All that we ask is that damages or losses are confirmed in writing within seven days of discovery or immediately when moving your things out of your unit (whichever comes first).


Please also bear in mind the following exclusions in our contents protection policy:


– Loss or damage to cars or other motor vehicles
– Loss or damage to jewellery, precious stones, coins or collections of a similar kind
– Prohibited or stolen goods, potentially dangerous or explosive items such as gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition
– Theft or attempted theft that does not involve entry to or exit from the storage premises and/or storage unit by forcible and/or violent means
– Loss or damage caused by terrorism


Of course, feel free to reach out to our approachable and supportive team if you have any questions or need more information. We also provide a complete summary of our storage contents protection policy to each of our customers.


Tips for Keeping Your Things Safe in Self Storage


An organised storage unit with sturdy boxes and shelves


Because safeguarding your stored items is our utmost priority, here are some steps you can take to keep your things safe and in perfect condition:


Use Quality Packing Materials: Often, your things are in storage for longer than you expected. High-quality packing materials like sturdy boxes and bubble wrap keep your things from getting crushed while helping with organisation. Proper packing materials can also help to keep out dust, humidity, and odd smells. You’re more than welcome to purchase these on site at Louth Self Storage.
Pack Well and Organise Your Unit: It’s not just what you use to pack but how you pack too. Make sure that all your things fit comfortably in your unit and you have enough room to walk around. If boxes are toppling over as you walk by, it might be time to reorganise your unit or even get a bigger one. Otherwise, fragile items might be at risk.
Perform Regular Check-Ups: This isn’t always necessary, but it doesn’t hurt to check on your things. Make sure that nothing has shifted, gotten crushed under a heavy box, or fallen victim to humidity.
Install Shelving Units: Shelves are the ultimate organisation tool, allowing you to group similar items and keep them easily reachable. These offer convenience and make finding your things quick and easy. Plus, they keep your items off the floor, reducing the likelihood of accidents.


There you have it! With a comprehensive contents protection policy, top-notch security, and our top tips for keeping your stored items safe, your things couldn’t be better protected in Louth!


If you have any other questions about the security of your stored items, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re always happy to help!