Practical advice all new parents need

As a first time parent, there are so many things to worry about and learn. You have to figure out how to change a diaper, get the baby to sleep through the night, and make sure they’re eating enough fruits and vegetables.  


To help you get through the first few months with your sanity in check, we look at a few practical tips that will help make your transition into parenthood a little easier. 


Don’t silence normal household noise

Infants who sleep with moderate background noise tend to sleep for longer periods and wake up less frequently than those who sleep in completely silent rooms. Exposure to moderate noise levels helps babies learn to tune out irrelevant sounds and focus on important cues.  


Let them fall asleep on their own

It’s best to lay them down while they’re drowsy but still awake. As tempting as it is to rock them to sleep and inhale that intoxicating new baby smell, you’re making them reliant on you to nod off. Let them fall asleep on their own and then lean in for a whiff of that baby-scented goodness.  


Don’t forget about fresh air

Take advantage of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air with your baby. Being in nature has a calming effect on both babies and exhausted adults. Additionally, spending time outside can help your baby develop sensory skills and an appreciation for the natural world. 


Practice gratitude early on

As your child gets older, it’s a great idea to practice gratitude. Make it a nightly habit to ask them what the highlight of their day was. It’s an easy way to foster lifelong happiness, optimism and positivity regardless of the situation. 


Accept help when offered

Your family and friends want to help because they love you and want to be a part of your child’s life. Besides, they probably have some pretty good parenting hacks that they’re dying to share with you. So go ahead and accept that offer of help – your friends and family will be glad you did, and so will you. 


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