Office tips for the perfect reception area 

First impressions are important as they last well beyond the moment. Leaving a positive first impression as a business encourages customers to pursue a business relationship, boosts confidence about the upcoming engagement, and shares details about company values.

A welcoming reception area is also important for the team, making them feel comfortable and productive in the workspace from the moment they walk through the door.

Win and retain clients by considering the following tips for the perfect reception area:


Create a relaxing environment

Life can be stressful, and the smallest trigger can have dire consequences on the day’s mood. Make an effort to create a calm and relaxing reception area where customers and staff feel comfortable and at ease. Consider adding appropriate plants, painting the walls with calming tones, and playing tranquil music in the background.


Offer a comfortable area to wait

It’s etiquette to arrive a little bit early for meetings, so it’s important to create a comfortable place to wait until the meeting unfolds. Invest in comfortable seating, quality reading materials, and complimentary refreshments to help customers wait comfortably. By the time the meeting begins, a positive first impression has already been established.


Keep the reception clean and clutter-free

Maintaining a clean and organised reception area sends a message of efficiency and productivity. Clear the reception area of all trash, make sure reading materials are neatly stacked, and keep the receptionist’s desk clean. Avoid using the reception area as a storage room, filling the space with random items.


Use the opportunity to educate customers

Customer time spent in the waiting room should be limited, but sometimes a delay can’t be helped. Some customers may pick up a magazine and page through fashion editorials, home decor tips, or garden photography. Others will soak in their surroundings, so it’s useful to make it worth their time. Put signs on the wall that clearly show the route to the bathroom, supply promotional pamphlets and information about the business, and showcase any promotions or deals that are running.


Choose the right staff

Often, the receptionist is the first person a customer will speak to, so the right team member must sit behind the desk. The receptionist should be warm and inviting while maintaining a polite air of professionalism. Make sure that you communicate all expectations to your receptionist and invest in quality training.
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