Make Working from Home Less Stressful

If you’re working from home more and more these days then don’t worry, you’re not alone.


With lockdowns lasting much longer than planned, more and more people are working from home full time, as well as home schooling and entertaining themselves in very limited spaces.


It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a year ago when working from home was first suggested. What was originally supposed to be a few weeks didn’t seem too difficult at first but, now a year on, something has got to give. Those few weeks ran into a few months and now it seems very likely to be a permanent part of our working lives. Will life ever go back to how it was?



Where are you working in your home?


Where you work in your home can determine many things, your health, your productivity and your level of distraction too. How easy is it to get distracted by the objects surrounding you in your home and the list of endless house chores that need doing?


Working on the dining room table is all well and good until tea-time, when everything has to be cleared away. Our dining or kitchen tables become multi-functional and utilising these areas for multi-purpose uses is becoming the norm for many of us. But is it time to create your very own work- space at home?



Reasons to create your own work-space at home:


  1. Fewer distractions and mix-ups – Trying to keep a tidy house when you’re working from home and the children are also trying to keep up with their school-work is virtually an impossibility. Separate your areas so that you don’t misplace any important work or school documents.
  2. Getting in the ‘work mind space’ – It’s important to separate work life and home life in order for you to focus on the job and get into ‘work mode’. We naturally associate physical environment with our mindset, so creating a work-space will help your productivity!
  3. More professional Zoom meetings Zoom meetings have become a vital part of working from home, and it helps to have a clear backdrop. Nobody wants their workmates making comments about your displayed collection of ornament pigs or even worse, asking if you’ve been burgled (it’s happened!). 



Clear yourself some space.


We must try and think of this as the ‘new normal’ and look for ways of coping with the mayhem. Decluttering is a simple way forward, creating more space to segregate your home and work life as much as possible.


The pigs can be carefully wrapped and stored in boxes…..and then what? See what else you can live without for a while, perhaps rearrange furniture to create yourself some space for your own desk. A desk where no kids or partners will move your things, or have to clear away your equipment.


Then, most importantly, make sure you store the furniture, objects and items in a safe, secure space. If there isn’t enough storage space in your home, then that’s where we come in…



Self-storage can help you organise your space


At Louth Self Storage, we can offer a simple, cost-effective solution to take a little of the pressure off in these strange times.


By clearing some space in your home, you can create individual spaces to suit all the different aspects of lockdown life. A space for work, a space for school and a space for relaxing.


Take the pressure off Covid-living a little – we have storage spaces of all sizes, from small convenient lockers to entire outdoor containers and everything in between. You can access and collect your items again at any time, or upsize and downsize your storage to suit your needs as and when the world opens back up again.


Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and reserve your safe space – 01507 327008.