Louth Self Storage is always open, come rain, shine or snow

As a storage facility, we have been fortunate to be allowed to remain open throughout the pandemic, and over the past couple of years, we have been extra careful to adhere to the government guidelines to protect ourselves and our customers. Just like our customers, we have always worn masks as requested, and we are religiously using hand sanitiser when entering and exiting our facility. And the regular cleaning of our facility and storage units has been extra frequent and meticulous too.  


It’s impressive really when we think about it, that we have managed to stay open throughout the entire pandemic, providing our customers with the high-quality uninterrupted service they have always been used to. 

Even though the pandemic is something we have no control over, we managed to find a way around being too affected by it and didn’t let it prevent us from opening. However, some things are even more difficult to deal with… 


How weather can affect us

Something that affects us more regularly than even unprecedented pandemics, is the weather. And more specifically: snow. 

We’ve been lucky really because the last few winters have been fairly mild but, as the next one approaches (quicker than we would like to admit!) we are taking a little more action to make sure that our ability to stay open continues. 

Snow is a real pain for us and our customers. The last thing we want is for accessibility to become difficult or dangerous for anybody who is visiting our site. 

On the main roads, we can usually rely on the council to grit them and they sometimes use snowploughs too, but on the back roads and on our own private premises it’s very much a different matter.  


We’ve learned to be prepared 

If Covid has taught us anything, it is to be prepared for every eventuality.  

Our weather has always been unpredictable. And, as much as that makes a great topic of conversation, it’s been increasingly unpredictable in recent years. When we think about it, it’s been some time since we had a truly bad winter.  

Every year we ensure the yard and parking areas are safe for our customers and visitors by clearing any slippery areas with rock salt whenever required. But, at this point in time, we have decided to plan ahead. This year, on top of everything else, we’ve invested in a snow plough attachment for our forklift and it’s just been delivered! 


Our new snowplough will help to give you regular access 

We are proudly prepared to be as reliable as ever.  Our new snowplough will ensure that, whatever the weather throws at us, we will be able to clear a path to your unit. It gives us great peace of mind to know that we will be able to remain open as usual, and we hope it gives you peace of mind too. 

We take our customers’ safety very seriously, just as seriously as we take care of our customers’ items. So, if there’s ever been a great time to store your items with us, especially Christmas items, that time is now! 


Our new units 

Due to high demand, we recently extended our site with 40 brand new units. So, whether you’re looking to store a little or a lot, we have something to suit all your self-storage needs.  

If you’d like to visit our site, we’ll happily show you some options. Or simply get in touch if you’d like us to discuss what unit size would best suit your needs. 

We’re proud to be here for you through all times, through all weather! Thanks to our new snowplough.