Louth Self Storage & Grimoldby Cricket Club: Bringing the youth together

Grimoldby Cricket Club (GCC) is a local cricket club built on the pillars of tradition and community and has been a cornerstone of Lincolnshire for generations. With a focus on youth development, this incredible social club provides a safe and friendly atmosphere for local children of all walks of life to connect, enjoy the game of cricket, and build bonds that will last a lifetime. 



Grimoldby Cricket Club: Shaping young cricketing enthusiasts



First established in 1946, GCC remains one of the few outlets for children in the area and works tirelessly to provide them with an enjoyable activity to stay fit and active while also learning valuable life skills, such as teamwork, determination and the drive to succeed.  


Founded with a single team, GCC has grown tremendously and now proudly offers four junior mixed-gender teams, three senior midweek teams, and two weekend teams. The GCC is also one of the leading All Stars Cricket & Dynamos Centres in the county, with two Nationals Programmes for 4-11-year-olds. 



Louth Self Storage: Achieving more together



At Louth Self Storage, we are proud to sponsor this extraordinary club and support their excellent team as they continue to manage the club’s groundskeeping, coaching services, and fundraising initiatives.  


Along with actively participating in GCC’s various fundraising activities, Louth Self Storage’s sponsorship will aid the club in its long-term plan to improve its facilities and meet all needs of future cricketing enthusiasts. 


We look forward to providing ongoing support as Grimoldby continues to develop diversity within the game to ensure that they are a fully inclusive and welcoming club that caters for all abilities.  


To find out more about Grimoldby Cricket Club or get involved, please visit their website or Facebook Page