How to store old photos

A photograph can be a unique way of time-stamping a moment in your life to reflect on years later and is arguably the greatest family heirloom you can inherit. While a fabulous set of diamond earrings wouldn’t hurt, as time marches on, those photographs will become far more valuable than a shiny bauble. If you want to protect your precious memories, we look at how to store old photos.


Invest in durable archive boxes

Archive boxes are a staple choice when storing confidential or archived documents, making them the perfect cost-effective choice to store your collections of photos. Shoeboxes, while readily available, have dyes that can leak and damage your pics over time.


Go acid-free

If storing loose photos in a box makes you feel stressed, you can opt to store them in an acid-free album or an album with acid-free tissue paper between the pages to protect against chemical damage and abrasion.


Keep away from sunlight

It may seem like a no-brainer, but we all know someone who has lost photos because of prolonged direct sunlight at home. A storage locker or personal storage unit is an ideal location to keep your photos safe from extreme temperatures, sunlight and human error.


Start labelling

Remember when your gran would show you old photos and point out who everyone was? Carefully labelling old photos with names, dates, ages and a bit of background story can ensure that the memories will be passed on generations later.


Do a digital backup

Today, the definition of “old photos” definitely includes digital ones. While physical photos can suffer sun and water damage, digital ones can be lost in a split second with a simple hard drive crash or virus. Be sure to backup your digital pics on programmes like OneDrive, Google Drive or the Cloud.

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