How to prep your home for Airbnb

Renting your home on Airbnb provides an easy way to earn passive income, providing greater flexibility, added protection and the opportunity to charge a higher rate per night. While some people rent investment property on Airbnb, others rent their homes when going on vacation or spending extended periods away.

Before creating a free listing on the platform and start taking reservations, you need to prepare your home. Consider the following tips to get your home ready for rent on Airbnb.


Streamline your calendar

Organise your calendar so that it syncs up with Airbnb, making sure you don’t double-book your home. Set the pricing per night, set the minimum stay, establish check-in and check-out times, and be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare the home in between reservations.


Prepare the check-in process

The check-in process has a big impact on the tenant’s experience. Make the check-in process as easy as possible by being readily available or establishing a self-check-in process. For your safety, set up a system to verify a guest’s ID.


Declutter your home

A guest’s expectations when renting an Airbnb differ from booking a hotel. Airbnb rentals are more personal as you host someone in your own personal space. Even so, you need to make sure that the home is decluttered and tidy. Clear out seasonal items, bulky belongings and personal items that create a messy environment.


Deep clean the home

Consider professional cleaning services to scrub the home before hosting guests, especially in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Airbnb allows hosts to add an extra fee during the reservation process to cover this cost.


Remove all valuables

While Airbnb offers an extra layer of security with its insurance, there are a few irreplaceable personal items. For extra peace of mind, remove all valuables from your home and keep them somewhere safe.


Stock up on essentials

Make sure that your guests have a memorable stay by providing everything they need. Have a few extra sheets and towels available, buy bulk amenities such as soap and coffee and make sure that there is enough electricity in the metre.

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