How to manage inventory in self storage

As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your inventory organised. Without proper organisation, managing and keeping track of stock can quickly turn into a nightmare of mess-ups and senseless damages.

If you’re tired of working harder, we break down how to better manage inventory in self storage.

Make use of shelving

Make the most out of vertical space by installing high-quality shelving to hold excess stock, paperwork or equipment. Mobile shelving units are a great choice as they allow you to reconfigure the layout of your unit as needed.


Invest in bins and containers

Bins and containers are a low-cost but highly effective way to keep smaller stock organised, safe from damages and ready for fast picking and packing. Clear acrylic or low-cost fabric bins are often a top choice.


Store items categorically

Store items that are often sold together close together to better pack orders. Keep your best-selling products in front for easy access and create clear aisles within your unit for better mobility to avoid knocking boxes over or damaging the product.


Use a labelling system

Labelling is an easy way to stay organised long-term. From handwritten and printed labels to product photos, detailed labelling can ensure a time-efficient process when looking for specific items in a hurry and while doing the monthly stock take.


Create an inventory guide

Regardless of the size of your unit, a detailed inventory guide can ensure that you always know what items you have in stock. This can make packing orders, completing regular stock counts, and cataloguing stock damages quicker and easier.


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