How to kickstart your minimalist lifestyle

From Kim Kardashian’s mausoleum-like home to almost every home interior influencer on social media, minimalism has officially become the go-to lifestyle choice. If you’re ready for a less-is-more environment, we’ll show you how to kickstart your minimalist lifestyle.


Edit and declutter

Clutter is a minimalist’s natural predator. It clogs up your cupboards and increases your anxiety until you’re back in its claws. By editing your belongings to what you truly need and value, you will filter out the unnecessary and give yourself more space to live comfortably.


Go digital

For a book lover, there are few things more beautiful than a home filled with books. However, when living in a small apartment, those lovely hardcovers can soon become stifling. An e-reader will allow you to grow your library, save money and free up valuable household space.


Create designated spaces

By creating designated spaces for specific items, you can more easily control clutter as it starts to build again. If an item does not serve a purpose or does not have a designated space, it doesn’t belong.


Shop consciously

Online shopping has made it too easy to overindulge in items we don’t need or overstock our wardrobes with trendy, low-quality pieces. By shopping with a clear intention, you can start to cut down on impulse purchases that add to the clutter.


Re-evaluate as you go

Don’t be afraid to reevaluate and update your minimalist lifestyle choices as you go along. What works for one will not always work for the group, and you may find yourself more willing to let go of items, such as appliances, furniture or clothes, months later.

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