How to help your pets adjust to your new home

Moving can be exciting, chaotic and more than a little stressful, and moving with pets is no different. In fact, it almost always adds a bit more stress. From keeping your four-legged loves calm to helping them settle, we look at how to help your pets adjust to your new home in no time.


Keep pet essentials on hand

Just like packing an essentials bag for yourself is key to a productive move, so is packing essentials for your pet. By keeping pet essentials, such as food, bowls, snacks and their favourite toys on hand, you can help keep them calm during the chaos.


Consider a pet-sitter

If you’re worried about your pet on moving day, it may be worthwhile to invest in a pet-sitter until you can set up a comfortable space for them. This way, they’ll trot into their new home with their bed, toys and other familiar comforts already in place and ready for them.


Stick to their routine

Moving day is chaotic, even more so for your four-legged friend. By sticking to their regular routine as much as possible, you can provide a level of stability that can help them adjust quickly to new surroundings.


Give them extra attention

It’s not unusual for pets to be anxious in a new environment even days later. By lavishing them with a little extra attention and cuddles, you can easily counter that nervousness by associating the new environment with a positive experience and belly rubs.

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