How to get the most out of a hybrid working model

2020 was quite the year, even though it felt like a decade, and one of the long-lasting effects was the work from home wave as employers did all they could to keep their staff safe. As we cautiously adapt to our new normal, more companies are choosing to implement a permanent hybrid work model as they strive to find a balance between employees wasting hours in traffic heading into the office every day and the general isolation that comes from working from home on a full-time basis.  


If moving to a hybrid work model has you a bit nervous, fear not. We look at how to get the most out of your hybrid work model to help you transition and maintain productivity. 



Establish a routine


If you are transitioning from a full-time work from home situation, you may have gotten used to creating a schedule that balanced work, personal and childcare responsibilities. The key to making a hybrid model work is establishing a routine that works for you and your employer. Whether it’s working from home on certain days or working in the office in the morning and continuing at home in the afternoon, speak to your supervisor about your needs and create a routine that works for all involved. 



Communication is key


The use of apps like Zoom and Teams skyrocketed as companies realised it was an excellent tool for staying connected regardless of distance. Between online chat groups, video conference meetings and project management tools, workers can now enjoy constant and seamless contact whether they’re in the office or their living room. A daily virtual huddle is a simple way to build team camaraderie while keeping everyone on the same track.  



Use your office time wisely


Offices are inherently social places. Whether discussing weekend plans or your coworker’s latest personal news, a great deal of time gets wasted. A hybrid model allows team members to come in a few times a week to regroup and touch base on important topics before breaking away to get the bulk of the work done at home without distractions. Certain meetings or projects are best done in person, so use your office time wisely and schedule those meetings for the right time. 



Track performance


The best way to know if a hybrid model is working is to track your progress and performance. Are you completing as many projects as you were while working in the office or more? Has your overall quality of work increased, dropped or remained the same? Tracking your performance will help you establish the right type of routine, and it can highlight areas that you need help with, which will only better your overall performance.  


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