How to break out of a mental fog

Has one bad day slowly turned into a bad month? Do you spend most of your time struggling to focus on the task at hand, feel unlike yourself and maybe like you’re going a little crazy? If your mind is drifting more than usual, you could be suffering from a mental fog and require a lifestyle shakeup.

Going through a mental fog is a common symptom of stress and anxiety, but there are easy lifestyle changes you can incorporate to get back to your focused self. Below, we highlight the top ways you can boost your mental awareness.


Keep a journal


Journaling is a fantastic tool for helping people get to the root of what is bothering them. Once you put pen to paper and allow yourself to write whatever comes to mind, you may be surprised at the direction your mind takes. Trust the process. Your subconscious will provide you with a roadmap to the source of your unhappiness and stress.


Get physical


Exercise is the tried and tested method to help people overcome a mental fog because it reduces anxiety and negative moods while boosting self-esteem and cognitive function. However, it doesn’t mean your only option is to sweat it out at the gym. How you choose to get physical is up to you. Dance around your living room, go for a walk in the late afternoon sunshine, enjoy a short bike ride or strap on some rollerblades if that’s your thing – just get moving.


Work on your sleep


When faced with looming office deadlines or massive university projects, many people make the mistake of pulling all-nighters or waking up at dawn to get a head start. This is a mistake. You should get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep because sleep deprivation decreases your cognitive abilities and only increases your mental fog. Pack all screens away at least an hour before bed, consider meditation and if all else fails, speak to your doctor about herbal sleep supplements.


Embrace a healthy diet


When your parents pushed vegetables on you as a kid, it wasn’t just to keep you physically healthy. Heavily processed food can contribute to mental sluggishness and impaired decision-making, so try to stick to a diet of mostly vegetables, protein and healthy fats with a delicious chocolate bar now and then as a treat.


Ask for help


It’s great to implement a healthier lifestyle, and it’s important to note that nothing works immediately. However, If diet, sleep and exercise are not doing the trick, it may be time to seek professional help. Mental health is not something you should ever overlook because it can harm your personal and professional life. If you can’t shake your mental fog, you should consult your GP or a mental health professional for guidance.


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