How Can I Store My: Jet Ski

This story is a niche and personal one, but I feel anybody might very well be able to benefit from it too.


Useful tips include: “The art of persuasion. How to get away with making a large purchasing decision, without getting in trouble with your other half”, and “what to buy during a questionable mid-life crisis… especially when you’ve just moved to the coast.”


You’re welcome, in advance, for this wisdom and research.


A lot of people choose an expensive vehicle as their midlife crisis purchase. And I suppose, technically, I do fit into this category. But I happened to choose one that is a little more unique. It’s safer than a motorbike and it takes up slightly less space than a car.


Basically, if you’re someone who is looking to pitch the idea of a Jet Ski to your other half, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got this.


So, here is my story…


After taking an early retirement, I moved out to the coast for a quieter (if not simpler) life.


After a few days of watching the jet skiers having so much fun in the water each day, I did my research and decided that this might be a very good hobby for me to have too. A bit of fresh air and exercise, and a hobby that not many of my friends would share!


So, once my heart was set on the idea, I quickly put a case together and got ready to pitch it to my other half. I knew this would be my biggest hurdle, but I’m quite happy with the list of benefits I came up with. Are you ready?


Benefits of a Jet Ski during retirement:


  • So much safer than a motorbike.
  • Much cheaper than a Ferrari.
  • It will keep me out of the pub. (Double win!)
  • Think of all the free time you’ll have when I’m out from under your feet.
  • You’re always telling me to get more fresh air and exercise.
  • The grandchildren will love it!
  • They make life jackets for dogs too! You’re always telling me to take the dog out more!


Quite convincing I thought, but they came back with a strong argument.


They said: ’Where do you think you’re going to keep it’.  Don’t worry though, I was ready for this one! ‘I’ve done my research!…’, I said.


‘Louth Self Storage. I checked them out and found the perfect unit. One that’s safe, secure, with a very reasonable rental cost. I can even get all the stuff that’s cluttering up the spare room in there too. That means you will be able to use it as your craft room’ See what I did there? I gave him them a little sweetener too.


I rest my case m’lud!


This didn’t only work for the jet ski, by the way, the dog also loves our new kayak!


If you’re looking for somewhere safe and secure to store your midlife crisis purchase, Louth Self Storage have everything you could need. Simply pick it up and drop it back off anytime you need to, without taking up valuable space at home (or, more likely, your shed or garage!).


They have units and containers of all sizes, as well as security measures and on-site staff during opening hours too. If you have any questions or would like a quote for an affordable self-storage solution, contact them on 01507 327008 and friendly staff will be happy to help.


Or to see what other people are storing, check out our Personal Storage page at:


Good luck with your powers of persuasion!