Grow Your Business With Online Retail Storage

Online retail has revolutionised the way we shop, allowing us to browse through millions of choices from the comfort of our homes and order them to our doorsteps without so much as leaving the couch.

If you jumped on the bandwagon early and started an online business, chances are it’s booming. The online retail (or e-commerce) space only continues to grow and evolve. By 2026, e-commerce is predicted to make up 26% of retail purchases, with the market forecasted to total over $8.1 trillion.

If you’ve made the smart decision to grow your business with this lucrative, long-term investment, it’s only up from here — but as your venture expands, so will your space needs. Where to go from here?

It’s safe to say that traditional warehousing is out (like traditional shopping). Instead, the ever-evolving industry of e-commerce meets its match in the flexible and adaptable solution of self storage.

Read on to learn how to grow your business and maximise your sales with online retail storage.


Why Online Retail Storage Is Ideal for Your Online Business

Shelves with stock on them


Allows for Flexibility


Picture your virtual storefront flourishing, sales soaring, and inventory flying off the digital shelves. To keep up the pace, stock will have to come in as quickly as it goes out, and as demand increases, the more you’ll have to order.


If you’ve been at this e-commerce thing for a while, you’ve probably already been faced with this challenge. At first, inventory takes up the spare room, then infiltrates the garage, and soon, you have boxes in every nook and cranny of your home. Finally, you upgrade to a commercial space — but before the year-long lease is up, you find your space overwhelmed once more.


Evolving space needs are no issue at a self storage facility. Most facilities will allow you to upsize as demand increases, and since they tend to have a wide range of sizes, you should find as large a space as you need. If things quiet down, you can go right back to a smaller unit size. Plus, with month-to-month options, you never have to feel tied down to a restrictive lease.


Keeps Goods Secure


Nothing will set you back more than your inventory getting damaged, or worse — stolen. Finding a highly secure environment is a must; that means 24-hour surveillance, multiple alarms, perimeter fencing, sturdy locks, and on-site staff. All these things can be found at a good storage facility.


Traditional warehouses can be secure and well guarded, but their often isolated locations make them a popular target for burglars, especially if employees and contractors are going in and out. A storage facility with state-of-the-art security can deter even the most opportunistic thieves.


Plus, most storage facilities will help you arrange insurance or content protection policies for your stored items. Depending on the option you choose, this can cover theft, water damage, infestations, and more. With this kind of protection, you’ll always have peace of mind.


Puts Convenience First


Man working in his unit


Securing self storage can be as easy as getting a quick quote online, booking your unit, and moving in the same day; no fuss and no red tape.


You can customise the space to suit you, with shelves, pallet storage, an indexing system, and anything else that’ll help you stay organised. Once your things are moved in, all you have to do is worry about your day-to-day business operations.


Maintenance work, rates, and energy bills? You can leave those to the storage facility. With these things off your plate, you can focus your finances and energy on growing your business.


If you’re lucky, your self storage facility will supply quality packaging materials too, making the pack and dispatch process that much easier.


The Best Locations


If you’ve browsed warehousing options, you may have found that many of them are in far-flung locations. That means more time travelling for you and greater shipping costs.


Storage facilities tend to be centrally located, near busy towns and neighbourhoods where there’s a greater demand for both personal and business storage. This is especially convenient if you have many local customers.


You’ll Save on Costs


With self storage, you pay only for the space you need, when you need it, avoiding hidden expenses and hefty overheads. It’s a budget-friendly option that allows you to allocate resources towards expanding your product line or marketing efforts. Additional costs like deposits and insurance should be stated upfront, as long as you’re dealing with a reputable operator.


The ability to downsize during the off-season also allows you to save on rental costs; so paying for space you don’t need is never a concern even if it’s just for one month a year.


Where To Get the Best Online Retail Storage


Louth self storage units


When you’re weighing your options for online retail storage, remember these key considerations:

– Does the facility have the ideal unit size aligned with your current space needs?
– Does the facility have a range of storage unit sizes, allowing you to upsize and downsize as your business storage needs fluctuate?
– Are the access hours aligned with your schedule?
– Is the facility in close proximity to you and your customers?
– Will your goods be protected by comprehensive security measures and insurance coverage?


Operating from Louth or the greater Lincolnshire area? Louth Self Storage will be your perfect fit. Our secure facility, adaptable range of options, and excellent customer service make online retail storage stress-free.


Browse our business storage options online and contact our team for your online retail storage unit!