Fun family games and activities for Christmas Day

Christmas is a highlight on the holiday calendar, bringing families together to create wonderful new memories for the year to come. While a delicious meal and gift exchange adds a lot of joy to the day, family games and activities kick the merriment up a notch.

If you’re looking for a few fun games to add to the agenda, then consider the following entertaining activities as a starting point.


Christmas-themed heads up

Heads up is a fantastic party game where players hold up characters on their heads for the rest of the group to act out. On Christmas Day, write all the classic Christmas characters on sticky notes and have the rest of the family guess the character. The game is a guaranteed laugh!


Christmas scavenger hunt

Rather than hand out gifts from beneath the tree, you can hide Christmas gifts and create a festive-themed scavenger hunt. Jot down little clues and watch the excitement of gift-giving grow as everyone hunts for their wish list around the house.


Christmas dance freeze

There’s something about a Christmas carol that gets people up off the couch and grooving around the home. Why not turn the tradition into a festive game by setting a few rules? Hold a holiday dance-off, allowing family members to dance around until the music stops. The person who is the last to “freeze” is eliminated.


Christmas movie bingo

Christmas movies are another favourite holiday tradition, adding a loving and cosy atmosphere to the home. Creating a movie Bingo board turns the beloved pastime into a fun family activity, seeing who has watched the most Hallmark movies!


Guess the Christmas smell

There are a few details synonymous with Christmas. From colourful lights and gingerbread cookies to snowball fights and advent calendar countdowns. Another significant aspect of Christmas is the smells that conjure up festive feelings. Turn it into a fun family game and challenge everyone to identify the traditional Christmas smell — from pine needles and peppermint to nutmeg and ginger!


Christmas declutter operation

An end-of-season declutter will open up space in the home and prepare the family for a productive year ahead. Why not turn the task of decluttering into a game and get the whole family involved, adding a little bit of festive competition?

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