Fragile items on board? Here’s how to pack your unit safely 

Storage units are useful in various situations, from moving home and downsizing to growing your family and renovating the kitchen. They offer a safe and secure space to keep seasonal items, household overflow and, of course, sentimental items that don’t have a place in the home.

While a clean and dry self storage unit provides a safe space for your belongings, fragile items need a little extra tender, love and care. Before you drop off your fragile items at your nearest storage unit, make sure that you consider the following packing tips.


Use quality packaging

Imagine lifting up a box of porcelain teacups to have the valuable items fall through the bottom. Cut the risk by investing in strong and sturdy boxes and quality packaging supplies. Thick tape, bubble wrap, and furniture covers are all necessary items for wrapping fragile items.


Clean and dry all items

Fragile items must be properly prepared before being packed in the storage unit. All items should be cleaned of all dust and grime and dried off to prevent any mould from developing.


Prepare antique furniture

Protect old, antique furniture by disassembling furniture pieces that could otherwise be damaged in a storage unit. It’s also important to prepare the materials appropriately by applying the correct wood polish, shining silver, and vacuuming old fabric.


Stack items based on weight

Place heavier, more durable items at the bottom of the storage unit and place lighter, fragile items on the top to avoid added weight from damaging the items. Just make sure that the lighter items are secure and not balancing precariously on top of other items!


Wrap items carefully (and appropriately)

Wrap and protect breakables and fragile items before packing them in the storage unit. Use bubble wrap, old blankets, and other soft items to protect fragile belongings from cracking, breaking, or scratching. Make sure that you consider the item’s composition to wrap it appropriately. For example, don’t wrap wooden items directly with bubble wrap.
While you prepare your items, we will prepare your storage unit. At Louth Self Storage, we offer a range of different size storage units to use as an extension of your home. Whether you need a long-term storage solution for your fragile items while downsizing or a short-term solution while moving home, we’ve got a storage unit for you.
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