Five ways to beat the moving blues 

As you get older, moving house can start to feel like an extreme sport. You want to lift with your legs, but when your knees are as battle-worn as your back, you may be in for a tough time. To help you preserve your sanity and have a positive moving experience, we look at five ways to beat the moving blues.


Declutter first!

A big part of moving anxiety is the sheer volume of items that need to be packed. By decluttering as you pack each room, you can cut down on your packing time, the packaging supplies needed, get rid of unused or broken items and move into your new home with only the items you want and need.


Don’t be a hero – get help!

If you’re planning to move on your own, you should probably pre-book with a chiropractor. And possibly a therapist. If roping in family and friends is not an option, investing in professional help can go a long way in protecting your valuable items and your sanity.


Don’t rush it

Staring at a roomful of boxes isn’t ideal, but rushing through the unpacking process simply to get it done often results in hours wasted repacking. Use moving day to unpack the essentials to ensure you and your family can be comfortable and work through the rest in time.


Prepare for accidents

Very few moves go smoothly from start to finish. By coming prepared with an adaptable mindset, a first-aid kit and a basic toolbox, you’ll be ready to handle any accidents or minor household repairs as you find them.


Take care of yourself

Moving is a mental process as much as a physical one. From playing upbeat music to having energy-boosting snacks on hand and taking breaks when you start to feel overwhelmed, taking care of your well-being is an easy way to ensure you don’t end the day feeling stressed and exhausted.

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