First time living together? Here’s how to combine décor styles 

If you’re moving in with your partner for the first time, combining your décor styles can be daunting. How do you create a cohesive look when your tastes are so different? From football posters to floral sheets, it’s vital to get your aesthetics in sync before making any decisions. Keep reading for tips to help you merge both your styles seamlessly.


Compare likes and dislikes

Each of you should create a presentation of items, colours, designs and patterns that you like individually. Do some research, print out pictures or make a digital presentation. Spend a date night showing each other what you’ve found while choosing items you both love.


Be vocal at all times

It’s a vital step to be open and honest about your feelings! Speak your truth regarding the pieces you love and allow your partner to do the same. Share why certain items are special to you and communicate until you reach a compromise.


Be kind to your partner

Make sure you ask your significant other which items of theirs carry sentimental value before getting rid of them. Avoid insulting each other and work together to make decisions politely without starting an unnecessary row – this process is supposed to be fun!


Box items you can’t get rid of

There will always be some items you are just not ready to say goodbye to. However, this doesn’t mean those items should remain in your new home. Box up belongings you’re not prepared to let go of and put them in your garage or at the top of a cupboard.
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Experts suggest couples start on a clean slate instead of forcefully trying to combine décor. This way, you can enjoy a delightful shopping spree picking out pieces you both like – together – instead of trying to make former décor fit simultaneously, when they don’t.

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