End-of-year office declutter! What to get rid of 

As you wind down for the end of the holiday season, take a little extra time to declutter the office space in preparation for the upcoming year. Decluttering the office offers multiple benefits for the business and the team.

From increased productivity and improved peace of mind, decluttering the office opens space for the team to do their best work. If you’re on the fence about what to keep and what to throw away, remember only to keep the items that you need and organise your office based on practicality.

To help you get started, consider the following items to declutter from the office.



There’s no need to keep piles of paper scattered around the office when it’s possible to digitise documents and store them online. Even paper documents that demand a hard copy can be kept off-site, opening up space in the office for more important items and tasks.


Outdated technology

Technology is developing at a rapid rate, and it’s not unusual for technology and software to become obsolete in the office. For example, old hard drives and computers aren’t necessary in an office when staff can use laptops and cloud storage. The same thought applies to mystery cords and cables, which take up valuable space in the office.


Broken and used equipment

It’s normal to have turnover in office equipment and supplies. Ink cartridges finish, computers become outdated, and pens run dry. Do a quick scan of the office and get rid of all broken equipment and supplies that have served their purpose.


Unused furniture

With the rise of remote work, businesses around the world allow team members to work from home. Some work remotely on a permanent basis, while others are only required to come into the office select days a week. The remote work arrangement allows businesses to downsize, but that means that there is a lot of unused furniture in the office, just waiting to be decluttered.


Excess supplies

Inventory needs ebb and flow, and sometimes there are excess supplies that clutter up the office. Clear out these unwanted supplies and store them somewhere else for when they are next needed.

Some clutter can be thrown out, while other items can be stored for future use. At Louth Self Storage, we offer the ultimate business storage solutions.

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