Empty nest syndrome? Here’s what you can transform your child’s room into 

Sending a child off to university is a bittersweet milestone for any parent. While you’re proud to watch them spread their wings, it can be hard to look at the childhood bedroom they left behind. If empty nest syndrome is starting to get you down, let us help.  

Below, we cover a few great ways to breathe new life into that empty bedroom and create something new. 


Guest bedroom

Consider recycling or refurbishing any existing bedroom furniture for an updated guest bedroom. With little effort and cost, you can create a welcoming space for guests. And when your child comes home to visit during the holidays, they’ll still have a comfortable space to call their own. 


The ultimate game room

If you or your partner are gamers, turn the empty bedroom into your dream space. Between fold-up poker tables, gaming screens or displaying your impressive collection of board games, Lego and merch, you can build the ultimate escape from the adult world. 


Home Office

With fully remote and hybrid work practices becoming the business norm, a new home office is a good choice. Not only will it allow you to work peacefully and without distractions while at home, but you will also keep unsightly PC cables out of the living room. 


A gym

If you want to improve your health but hate exercising with an audience, turn that room into a home gym. You can find plenty of low-cost, quality second-hand equipment and weights online, and the main requirement for yoga or pilates (besides the mat) is space. 


Home library

Are your beloved books currently shoved into a tight corner? With a few inexpensive DIY bookcases, a couch, some ambient lighting and a bit of elbow grease, you can create your dream literary oasis, giving your collection of books a new beautiful home. 


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