10 Clever DIY Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Small apartment dwellers, are you tired of playing hide-and-seek with your belongings? With some ingenuity and do-it-yourself magic, you can transform your compact living space into a clutter-free haven. Here are 10 clever DIY storage ideas that will optimise your small apartment’s space and add a touch of personal flair to your home.


Idea 1 — Wall-Mounted Shelves = More Vertical Space


Wall mounted shelves for more space


When your floor area is running dangerously low, look up! Installing wall-mounted shelves creates additional storage without encroaching on valuable square footage. Opt to fix up slim, floating shelves that provide a clean and minimalist look. Arrange them in a staggered pattern to add visual allure when you display your books, plants, and decorative items. Remember to secure them properly for safety and durability, or a cramped space will become the least of your worries.


Idea 2 — Harness the Power of Hooks


Hooks in homes for hanging up items


Hooks can revolutionise your home. Mount them on walls, doors, or even the sides of cabinets to hang various items such as coats, bags, keys, and kitchen utensils. Consider using adhesive hooks if you’re renting. Get creative with placement and arrangement to add a decorative element while keeping your belongings within reach.


What to remember when installing hooks:


– Check your wall type (load bearing, non-load bearing, cavity, shear, partition, etc.). The type of hook you choose matters, and there are several options to choose from. The primary hook types for hanging items are s-shaped, over-the-door, peg style, coat, ceiling, utility, and removable
– Weigh frames or objects before hanging them
– Plan the finished look before you start hanging things, otherwise you could install hooks in awkward spots that detract from your vision
– Only install the hook on a solid wall
– Avoid over-hammering the nails on the hooks
– Yanking out a hook from a wall could damage the surface, the hook, and the nail itself. To remove the nail safely, use your fingers to pull the nail out at the same angle it was installed at while applying a twisting motion


Idea 3 — Maximise Your Under-Bed Storage


Under Bed Storage containers

The area beneath your bed is a rich trove of wondrous space waiting to be used. Invest in bed risers to create that precious additional clearance, allowing you to slide storage containers or drawers underneath. You can find specially designed under-bed storage containers or repurposed lidded plastic bins to buy online. This clever solution is perfect for storing off-season clothing, shoes, extra linens, and your precious collection of nostalgic items that the world doesn’t deserve for you to display in public.


Idea 4 — DIY Hanging Closet Organisers


Hanging closets full of items to free up space

Closets in small apartments are like unsupervised toddlers; they become chaotic and messy quickly. Optimise the full range of vertical space in your closet by installing a hanging organiser. You can make one using a tension rod and fabric or repurpose a shoe organiser with multiple pockets. Sort and store accessories, socks, scarves, and small clothing items, keeping them easily visible and accessible.


Idea 5 — Transform Bookcases Into Multipurpose Storage


Bookcases being used for multi-storage purposes


Bookcases needn’t just be for books! With a bit of creativity, you can turn a standard (read boring) bookshelf into a multifunctional (read exciting) storage unit. Install bins or baskets on the lower shelves to corral loose items or use decorative boxes to conceal unsightly clutter. Use the middle shelves for openly displaying your favourite decor pieces, and the top shelves for items you’ll need on rarer occasions.


Idea 6 — Create Magnetic Spice Racks


Magnetic Spice racks used to create more kitchen space

Kitchen storage can be challenging in small apartments, especially when organising spices. It’s like kitchen drawers don’t understand our need to have 32 types of herbs and powders on hand.


Create a more functional and visually appealing magnetic spice rack by attaching small magnetic strips or adhesive magnetic sheets to a wall or the inside of your cabinet doors. Transfer your spices to magnetic containers or repurpose small metal tins. This innovative solution will free up valuable cabinet space and make your cooking adventures more efficient. Now that the spices are out in the open, we can properly put them to work!


Idea 7 — Pegboard Organisation Devices


Pegboards being used to organise items around the house


Pegboards are versatile storage solutions that you can customise to fit your needs. Install a pegboard on an empty wall in your kitchen, bedroom, or home office to create a practical storage display. Use hooks, pegs, or baskets to hang and organise items such as kitchen utensils, craft supplies, or office essentials. Paint the pegboard in a colour that complements your decor or leave it natural for a rustic touch.


Idea 8 — DIY Shoe Storage


 DIY made shoe storage ideas


An overflow of shoes can quickly run wild over your limited floor space.
To keep your footwear collection organised and accessible, consider creating a DIY shoe storage solution; repurpose an old wooden crate or build a simple shoe rack using PVC pipes.


Idea 9 — Crouching Cabinet | Hidden Storage


Items being stored in hidden compartments


Maximise your storage potential by incorporating hidden storage solutions into your furniture. Invest in ottomans, benches, or coffee tables with built-in storage compartments. These pieces can serve as seating options while offering concealed storage for blankets, board games, and remote controls. Consider using hollowed-out books or decorative boxes with secret compartments to discreetly store valuable or personal items — now you and your apartment have an exciting secret together.


Idea 10 — Repurpose Everyday Items


Someone recycling everyday items as storage solutions


Sometimes, the most innovative storage solutions come from repurposing everyday items. For example, use a vintage ladder as a unique bookshelf or towel rack (so quirky!). Repurpose old mason jars as bathroom organisers for toiletries and makeup brushes, and hang a wooden pallet on the wall for a rustic and functional coat rack — just let your imagination run wild as you give new life to forgotten items, saving you space and money.


Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean sacrificing organisation and style. So roll up your sleeves, grab your toolbox, and let your creativity soar as you embark on your DIY storage journey — your small apartment will thank you for it.


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