DIY storage hacks for students 

If you’re running out of space in your tiny dorm room – never fear! From storing documents on your wall to using a peg board as décor and an extra storage option, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you get organised.

Take a look at some of these DIY storage hacks and see which ones work best for you.


Put your bed onto risers

Dorm beds are good candidates for being set onto risers because of their lightweight and small size. The higher you lift your bed, the more storage space you give yourself. Push baskets underneath to store linen or maybe even a desk – bed rises are virtually unlimited.


Hang up jewellery

Use an empty picture frame to create a border on your wall for your jewellery arrangement. Place hooks or decorative hardware knobs inside the frame using double-sided tape to avoid damaging the walls’ paint job. Now you have a decorative item that doubles up as a convenient storage solution.


Use a basket for bedside storage

Bedside tables take up too much floor space! Turn a woven basket on its side after placing and securing some small pieces of wood inside it as shelving. You can now mount the basket onto a wall near your bed (with the bottom facing the wall) and even create a hole for charging devices to come through neatly.


Store documents on a wall

A great idea to keep documents and paperwork safe and organised is to mount magazine files to a wall in a vertical line. Sort study material, notes and other timely papers into each one and ensure you label them for easier access and to maintain order.


Make a DIY peg board

Storing accessories can be tricky when you have a small cupboard. Why not combine function and style by creating a peg board? It doubles up as a décor item while keeping everything in one place. The perfect display for hats, ties and belts – even cologne and perfume if you put them in small baskets.


If your dorm room is too small that not even these DIY storage hacks can help, consider using self storage. From storing your empty luggage throughout the term to storing seasonal clothing and decluttering your cupboard space, Louth has short and long-term storage solutions for you.

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