DIY advent calendar ideas

An advent calendar is a popular holiday tradition that adds a little bit of excitement to the Christmas countdown. Beginning on 01 December and continuing until Christmas Eve, an advent calendar features a little treat each day for the little ones (or adults) to enjoy.
While it’s a popular sight to see retail stores stock their shelves with chocolate advent calendars, it’s also possible to make your own.

Gather your craft materials, let your creative juices flow, and have fun making one of the following DIY advent calendars.


Sweets in fabric pocket countdowns

Grab a sheet of felt, material glue, and a festive-themed piece of fabric. Create little pockets out of the felt and stick number countdowns on the front. Next, buy a bag of fancy chocolates or delicious sweets and pop them into small fabric pockets. There’s nothing like a little sugar rush to create excitement for the festive season!


Books in brown paper bags

Add an educational twist to the traditional advent calendar by buying 24 little books and storing them in decorated brown paper bags. Each day of the holidays, your little one can indulge in a festive-themed story and spend the holiday doing something productive.


Small toys in toilet paper tubes

Rather than throwing out toilet paper tubes, you can start collecting them and reuse them for a creative advent calendar. Buy a few small toys to pop into the toilet paper rolls, and seal the opening with soft tissue paper. When the day arrives to open the daily surprise, you can simply punch a hole in the tissue paper and enjoy the little toy within.


Craft supplies in recycled tins

Arts and crafts is another fun holiday activity, allowing the family to spend time together doing something creative and productive. So, why not create a crafty advent calendar, hiding useful art supplies inside recycled tins?


Puzzle pieces in matchboxes

Build the anticipation of Christmas by creating an advent calendar that matches the enthusiasm for the holidays. Buy a 24-piece puzzle and hide one piece inside a matchbox, ready to pop open when the appropriate day arrives. By the time Christmas Eve arrives, the puzzle will be complete!

Pro Tip: Customise a puzzle by printing a family photograph on the puzzle, and make the advent calendar extra-special.

While an advent calendar builds excitement for the holiday season, it always goes by too quickly. Plan ahead and organise a place to keep your holiday decor and equipment once the new year starts, opening up space in the home for a productive year.

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