Affordable Commercial Storage in Louth

Self-storage is convenient and helpful for a wide range of personal needs, but self-storage is also ideal for commercial storage too. In fact we have many clients who use us for just that!..



Affordable Commercial Storage


Commercial businesses often require storage solutions too, and for multiple reasons. Sometimes this is for a short period of time, in order to accommodate a bulk order of stock perhaps, or maybe equipment or furniture. Other times it might be for longer periods, to help with the overall growth of the business. 


At Louth Self Storage, we have a large number of customers for commercial storage, particularly those whose businesses have outgrown their shed, garage or spare room, and we are always very pleased to hear how useful we can be to their businesses. 


There are a bunch of benefits to storing with us too, we have listed a few of them below:



Customise your space


Some business customers customise our storage spaces to suit their level of supplies and organisation, especially if they’re storing stock with us. 


For example, some customers have put in racking so that they can find items and access whatever they’re storing more easily. We fully support these organisational skills!



We are a friendly team, if and when you need us


We have as much or as little input as needed. 


Many of our commercial storage customers become long-term clients, so that means that we see them on a regular basis, and this often leads to building a friendly and helpful relationship with them. 


Others fill up their unit and we rarely see them for a few months, which is absolutely fine too. We like to give you full freedom – all flexibility and accessibility is totally in your hands.



Upsize or downsize as required


A change in stock level? Not to worry!


One thing all our customers have in common though, is that they can move up or down unit sizes depending on their requirements. 


So, if you find that you need more storage simply move to a bigger unit. And the same applies if you are running low on stock, simply move to a smaller unit and save some money. 


There is no limit to the number of times you move and absolutely no penalties if you wish to do so. We are here to help your business in any way we can.



Cost-effective commercial storage solutions


Compared to owning or renting commercial premises, the savings can be considerable.


Use us for as long as you need, only pay for the size of storage you need, and financial freedom throughout. 



Organic promotion of your business


We also collect business cards from any trades people that store with us in our office, because customers that are moving into the area often ask us for local trades people. We like to promote and share useful contacts of our customers (with their permission, of course!).


So, if you are thinking about freeing up some space in your office or home-office, we are more than happy to accommodate and show you what commercial storage we have to offer. 


From locker-sized storage cabinets to indoor and outdoor units that range from 10 to 160 square feet, we’re sure we have something perfect for your needs. Find your perfect unit with our size guide and get in touch today.