Charity Games Night

Charity Games Night for Grimoldby Cricket Club                                             


Louth Self Storage are proud to be sponsoring the upcoming Grimoldby Cricket Club Charity Games Night, with our very own games table at the event.


This ‘Millionaires Night’, to be held on March 7th 2020, will include:


  • A selection of casino games
  • A raffle 
  • An auction 
  • A buffet supper
  • Lots of family fun


The Millionaires Night charity event is being organised by the Louth Lions at Grimoldby Village Hall. All funds raised will be to support Grimoldby Cricket Club, where it will be used to invest in better, safer cricket equipment.


Grimoldby Cricket Club is a local, friendly and busy village club, one that is working hard to keep village cricket alive. The club desperately needs a new artificial wicket, as the current wicket is in such poor condition that it has now become a health and safety concern. After 20 years of use, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.


We are very pleased to be involved in this local charity event, helping to keep the Grimoldby Cricket Club running, the equipment up-to-date and the players safe.


We hope to see you there if you can make it!


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