The Best Ways To Store Your Christmas Decorations

We’ve passed another magical holiday season and welcomed a brand new year. As the festivities wind down and we start to look ahead, one major task stands out: taking down last year’s Christmas decorations. It’s about time to pack up those mini Santas and get your home ready for the new year.


Whether you’re waiting to observe the Twelfth Night or you’d like to tackle the job right now, our helpful guide will arm you with the best ways to store your decorations.


Getting Your Christmas Decorations Ready for Storage


A woman sorting out a Christmas tree

Before you put your Christmas decorations into storage, it’s best to prepare them so they stay in good condition. Here are some steps to follow:

Sort Your Decorations: When you take your decorations down, start sorting them into categories. Keep an eye out for items that have been damaged over the holidays or have lost their sparkle; it might be time to part ways. Make your way through your home methodically with separate boxes for storing, selling, and donating.
Give Them a Thorough Clean: Giving your decorations a good clean prevents them from attracting mould or pests during storage. Break out a damp cloth for your glass delicates, dust the garlands and wreaths with a small brush, and give your Christmas stockings a gentle launder — especially if you’ve kept them near the fireplace stuffed with treats. When you’re done, all your ornaments should be dry and dirt-free.
Create a Catalogue: Create an inventory of all your decorations, excluding the ones you’ve decided to dump and donate. You’ll thank yourself when the next festive season rolls around — you’ll know exactly what you’ve got and what you might still need to get.


The Best Ways To Store Your Christmas Decorations


A woman sorting out Christmas lights


Protecting Your Christmas Tree


If you opted for a real tree this past Christmas, it’s likely on its last legs by now — but points for authenticity! Your best bet is to keep it hydrated in its pot while it lives out its last beautiful days. An artificial tree has a longer lifespan, and storing it properly means it can serve you well for years to come.


Carefully disassemble your tree and place the pieces in a durable bag made from thick material. Unlike a cardboard box that’s vulnerable to dampness, the bag should keep any moisture and odours out, and protect the tree from damage and discolouration.


Storing Christmas Lights


If you’re not the type to leave your Christmas lights up year round, let’s get started on packing these fragile creatures away! The most tangle-free solution is carefully wrapping your lights around a cord reel, but if you don’t have one of these, a piece of flat cardboard or spare tubes from wrapping paper work just as well. It helps to cut nooks in the cardboard to secure the ends; alternatively, use zip ties to keep your lights from unravelling.


Another smart yet simple solution is using a hanger. Wrap your string of lights around one, and tuck the ends into the hooks on each side (where straps usually go).


Packing Baubles Away


Chances are you’ve heard of this old trick before, but if not, egg cartons make great bauble storage! This hack is perfect for keeping these delicate decorations cushioned during storage. For bigger baubles, wrap them in bubble wrap and pack them away in a box. You can also use spare plastic cups if you’d prefer to store them individually.


Keeping Wreaths & Garlands Safe


An effective way to keep wreaths and garlands in tip-top shape is to use a specialised garland storage bag or container. These are made to fit the size and shape of your decorations, keeping them safe from any damage. Another solution is hanging them up if you’ve got the space, but be sure to wrap your wreaths and garlands in tissue paper or plastic wrap to keep out dust, moisture, and mould.


Stocking Storage


A person wrapping Christmas stockings

After gently hand washing your Christmas stockings and allowing them to dry, wrap them up in linen sheets or acid-free tissue paper. Avoid plastic bags or airtight containers, as these can trap moisture and lead to mildew or discolouration; instead, opt for a breathable container. Don’t store any heavy items on top of your stockings, lest they get crushed and misshapen.


Organising Tree Toppers and Figurines


The smallest decorations can bring the most cheer, so we can’t neglect these little ornaments. You may have gotten away with just tossing these in a box before, but before your tiny Santas suffer some casualties, let’s be more careful moving forward!


If you’re storing your topper, figurines, and any other small decorations in a box, carefully bubble wrap each item and don’t overstuff your container. An even better option is to use a compartmentalised box to keep your decorations divided and orderly.


Keeping Tinsel Intact


The best way for tinsel to keep its sparkle? Roll each strand into an individual coil or wrap it around a storage cord or piece of cardboard (be extra careful not to create any knots). Once you’re done, pop the rolled-up tinsel into plastic bags. This method should keep your tinsel dust-free and orderly.


Where To Store Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations

After meticulously wrapping up your precious decorations, the key to good storage is finding a space that’s cool, dry, and well ventilated.


In the Shed


If your shed doesn’t fluctuate between extreme temperatures throughout the year, it can serve as an excellent storage spot for your Christmas decorations. It’s crucial to ensure this space remains dry all year round, so be mindful of any leaks or dampness that could affect your carefully packed decorations.


In Your Garage


Got extra space in your garage? Provided that it’s cool and well ventilated, this is a good place for Christmas decoration storage. Keep an eye out for any dampness or temperature fluctuations, and consider putting up shelves to organise your decorations neatly.


Rent a Storage Unit


If you don’t have much space at home or you’re serious about keeping your decorations in good shape, a storage unit is your best bet. These spaces are designed to keep your items in good condition, providing a dry, temperate environment at all times. You also have the freedom to choose as much space as you need, so no need to pile those boxes up dangerously high to make room in the garage.


Is your home overflowing with tinsel, trinkets, and all variety of tree ornaments? We’d love to look after your beloved holiday décor until next festive season!


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