An Inside Look at a Louth Self Storage Container

Sinclair Ashman is a local artist to Louth who uses one of our storage containers to stock his framed and unframed prints, between his exhibitions.


We wanted to share some of the unique artwork that Sinclair stores with us:


Recently, his prints have been to and from:


– Exhibitions in Lincolnshire

– The Royal Academy Summer exhibition judging stages

– Printfest selling show in Ulverston Cumbria, 2017

– The Masters in London print exhibition

And his year his work will be seen at:

– Printfest selling show in Ulverston Cumbria, 2018

– An Exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe (16 Jan – 24 Feb)


Sinclair is making the most of our storage units, keeping his work organised, secure and out of harm’s way between exhibitions.


If you’re looking for a similar storage solution, please get in touch and we’ll find the best space for your needs – 01507 327008


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