7 Ingenious ways to organise your closet for maximum space

There’s almost nothing worse than starting your morning with a battle against your overflowing closet. Whether you’re trying to get ready in a hurry for work or simply grabbing a jumper on your way out, the last thing you need is an avalanche of cotton, wool and football jerseys aimed at your head.

If you’re ready to live your perfectly organised life, keep reading because we unpack 7 ingenious ways to organise your closet for maximum space.


Become a folding ninja

From t-shirts to jeans, Marie Kondo changed the organising game with her vertical or file folding method designed to keep items perfectly folded and easy to access in a hurry without pulling one from the bottom.

Check out her famous folding tutorial here.


Invest in hanging organisers

These hanging closet beauties are the perfect way to create more space on a budget, and they fit easily over any door or standard rail. Best of all, they can easily store anything from t-shirts to pants, bags and shoes.


Add a second hanging rail

A lot of hanging space gets wasted with one lonely rail. By installing a second rail, you’ll instantly double your hanging space with only 10 minutes of labour (maybe 20 if you’re particularly DIY challenged).


Be hanger wise

If you prefer to hang your t-shirts and pants over folding, vertical or tiered hangers for multiple t-shirts and pants are a great space-saver. Alternatively, replace your bulky plastic hangers with velvet slim suit ones.


Don’t forget about the door

Use the back of your door to hang hats, bags or scarves. You can either use peel-and-stick command hooks for hats and handbags or get an over-the-door hanger for scarves and shoes.


Start vacuum sealing

By vacuum sealing out-of-season pieces, you can easily create more space for the items you’re currently wearing and keep unused items safe and ready to wear when the season changes.


Use corkboards and hooks for jewellery

No space for a jewellery box? Install a cheap corkboard inside the closet door, add some hooks and voila, a customisable jewellery organiser in minutes using wasted space.

Bonus Tip: If you’re prepared to invest in a little home reno, go bold with a 360-degree rotating closet. These allow you to store more than a standard closet, and let’s be honest – they look pretty damn cool.

Before you start organising, give your closet a thorough decluttering to help create even more space. And if storage space is what you need, look no further than Louth Self Storage. Our wide range of personal storage units is the perfect solution for your excess items for as long or as short as you need.

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