5 tips for storing your extra belongings before leaving for university

Whether you’re a nervous and excited first-year or a seasoned and wise graduating senior, knowing how to keep your extra belongings safe while at uni can be a struggle.


If you’re unsure what to do with your favourite unessential items, we have put together five easy-to-implement tips to help you safely store your extra belongings before leaving for university.


Use boxes rather than bags

Heavy-duty boxes are the best packaging option for long-term storage and protection. Not only will boxes prevent moisture, but they’re also easy to label and stack high within a unit, allowing you to maximise vertical space.


Treat books as fragile items

Start by lining the box with packing paper. Pack the heaviest and largest books first keeping them flat and spine to spine. Remember not to stack too many as the combined weight can warp the spines. Lastly, do not to store books in boxes with fragile items.


Double wrap fragile items

Although bubble wrap is still the best packaging material for fragile items, it’s not always enough. Whether storing glass ornaments or beautiful frames, start by wrapping items with wrapping paper and then bubble wrap. You can finish off with a layer of cling wrap if the item has multiple pieces you want to keep together.


Avoid plastic covers

Plastic covers for bulky items like furniture may be cheaper, but they can also cause your pieces to “sweat” which can lead to moisture and mould. Stick to fabric furniture covers where possible or use old linens.


Make use of safes and lockable furnishings

Although storage facilities such as Louth Self Storage feature top-quality security measures, it doesn’t hurt to invest in lockable furnishings or small safes to protect valuable or priceless sentimental items going into storage.


With state-of-the-art indoor personal storage units starting from 10 sq. ft, Louth Self Storage has all the space you need. To learn more, give us a call on 01507 327008, pop into our facility in Manby park or request a quote online.