5 Tips for storing bulky winter clothes

Winter may be coming to an end, but all those bulky clothes need to go somewhere! From parkas to muddy boots, finding space to store these seasonal items can be a challenge – but we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve! Never struggle again with cluttered closets and chaotic draws with these genius storage hacks for winter clothes. 


First, wash and dry


Before you can store away your winter clothes, it is crucial that you wash and dry them well. Whether you forgot to wash your scarf after a messy roast dinner or hang your coat out after a rainy day, odours and moisture left behind will wreak havoc on your prized garments. Make sure that you wash and dry them thoroughly to keep your clothes soft and fragrant during storage. 


Don’t fold, roll


Rolling clothes creates more space when storing bulky winter clothes. By tucking in the sleeves and rolling into a neat, little bundle, you can easily store away an entire cupboard full of winter clothes in a single suitcase. With this nifty method, you can also save time as we all know how tricky it is to pull off the perfect fold! 


Utilise dead space


Although you may not know it yet, there is plenty of dead space around your home waiting to be utilised. Due to their bulky nature, winter clothes can be difficult to store, but by making use of space under the bed, behind the door or above cupboards, you can store excess clothes without buying a new cupboard. 


Be smart with storage 


If you’ve utilised every inch of your home or apartment and still have no place for your winter gear, then the next best option is to rent a secure self storage facility. Easy to access, clean and cost-effective, the lock-up-and-go storage units act as the perfect extension of your closest. 


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