5 Things you need to know before renovating an old home

Renovating an old home is no easy feat. Your family and friends have probably already told you you’re bonkers for even considering it. Not only are there safety risks involved, but the process is extremely time-consuming and technical. Luckily, you don’t have to go through this alone! If you’re in need of some free advice or are spending too much time scouring the internet for useful tips, here are 5 do’s and don’ts of renovating an old home.

Don’t buy without getting an inspector in: Before you even think about taking on a major renovation project, get a professional in to assess the damage and give you an honest estimate of the repairs. A lot can be hidden under floors and in the ceiling so it’s crucial to get a plumber, electrician, structural engineer and building surveyor to do a thorough assessment first before making any decisions.

Don’t demolish unique features : Old homes come with quirky and historic features that should be preserved. You can still upgrade the interior and make the home more modern, but try your best to keep the features that make the home unique and special. Whether it’s vintage doorknobs or a beautiful arched doorway, it’s these parts that’ll make your home stand out to potential buyers.

Do peel off bubbling plaster and damp proof walls: An old home has endured a lot of wear, tear and harsh weather, which will begin to show in the walls. Before you start to paint, peel off any plaster with visible water damage. When replastering the areas, use a good primer and damp proof the walls so that no mould or mildew reappears.

Do replace old windows: Older homes usually have wooden frames that often get stuck and start to rot. Although it’s best to preserve period windows, those that aren’t unique should be replaced. New aluminium windows will ensure your home is well-insulated and protected from the elements.

Do invest in self storage : During a large-scale renovation, you’ll need a secure place to store household items. Self storage is a convenient and cost-effective solution, allowing homeowners to safely store all their big and bulky items in a secure location nearby. With a variety of unit sizes and flexible lease agreements, you can rent the exact amount of space you need for the duration of your renovation.

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