5 Simple changes to make your mornings more productive

If you wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first thing in the morning…you’re probably a witch. However, if you start your day a groggy mess and gulp down a burning cup of coffee right before you frantically dash out the door (likely leaving your lunch behind), we can help. Below, we unpack 5 simple changes to make your mornings more productive. Let the witchcraft begin!


Start your day with meditation and gratitude

It’s tempting to start your day by mentally ticking off all you need to do, but this only kickstarts your stress. Instead, start each morning with a 3-5 minute breathing exercise, ending with three things you’re grateful for that day. This will reprogramme your mind to start on a healthier note.


Keep offline

Like a mental to-do list, checking your phone first thing in the morning can immediately trigger stress and distraction. Short of quickly scanning for emergency messages or your boss spontaneously cancelling work, it’s best to give your phone a break until you’re ready to leave the house.


Fuel your body

Never underestimate the physical and mental benefits of a good breakfast. By starting your day with a healthy balance of high-fibre carbs and lean protein, you can regulate your blood sugar levels, stay full for longer and increase focus and productivity. Don’t rely on coffee or tea to keep you going until lunchtime, even if you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to have a proper meal.


Prepare for tomorrow

Simple things, such as cleaning the kitchen before bed, preparing your outfit, pre-packing your lunch, ensuring your work bag has everything it needs, and writing a to-do list for tomorrow can go a long way in eliminating morning stress and help you get out the door quicker and less frantic.


Tackle your hardest task first

If you have a major task to complete, take a brave pill and tackle it first. You’re more likely to make progress if it’s your first task before being pulled into meetings, emails and “quick” catch-ups that are never quick. It will also give you a positive boost and make your remaining tasks seem minor in comparison.

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