14 Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas That Actually Save Space

Do you feel like your bathroom is bursting at the seams? Are you tired of dodging bottles and tripping over towels every time you brush your teeth? If you’re tempted to grab a sledgehammer and start a costly renovation, stop right there! We share 14 incredible bathroom storage ideas that will actually help you declutter and reclaim your bathroom for a fraction of the cost.

From using the top of your toilet to transforming a bar cart into stylish extra storage, these ideas are both functional, chic, and very simple to do. Get ready to turn your bathroom into a relaxing, clutter-free sanctuary with these surprising storage ideas!


How to Plan Your Bathroom Storage

Planning your bathroom storage can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of organisation and creativity, it can be easily accomplished. Here are some steps to help you plan your bathroom storage:

Step 1: Determine the Available Space

To make the most of your bathroom storage, start by measuring your bathroom and identifying areas where you can add storage. Look for unused or underutilised areas such as walls, corners, under the sink, or over the toilet.

Step 2: Decide on Storage Solutions

There are various storage solutions available for bathrooms, including shelves, cabinets, baskets, and hooks. Consider your storage needs and choose the solutions that will work best for your space. For instance, if you have a lot of small items, you may want to opt for baskets or small drawers. If you have large items, cabinets or shelves may be more suitable.

Step 3: Consider the Style

Bathroom storage solutions should not only be functional but also complement the overall style and decor of your bathroom. Choose storage solutions that match the colour scheme, design, and theme of your bathroom. This will ensure that the storage solutions blend seamlessly into the space.

Step 4: Prioritise Accessibility

Make sure the items you use most frequently are easily accessible. Consider storing them at eye level or within reach. For example, keep your toothbrush and face wash at eye level on a shelf or in a cabinet to make your morning routine more efficient.

Step 5: Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with unique storage solutions. Use dead spaces like the back of the door or the walls above the toilet for extra storage. Look for opportunities to repurpose items like mason jars or wire baskets for storage.


15 Genius Bathroom Storage Ideas to Get More Space


1. Get Creative with a Towel Rack

Who says a towel rack has to be boring? Use a towel rack with shelves to store extra toiletries or one with hooks to hang robes and washcloths. You can also hang a towel rack above the toilet to add extra storage space.

2. Harness the Window Sill

Don’t overlook your window sill as a potential storage space. Use it to store small items like a toothbrush, soap dish, or lotion. You can even add a touch of nature by placing a small plant or even a candle on the sill to set the mood during bathtime.

3. Pull out a Chair

No room for a traditional bathroom stool? No problem! Consider using a chair instead. A chair can double as a storage space, with the seat serving as a place to store towels, washcloths, or other bathroom essentials.

4. Try a Small Table

A small table is another great storage solution for your bathroom. Use a table with shelves or drawers to store toiletries or extra towels. You can also use the table as a place to put a plant or a decorative item.

5. Get a Shower or Bath Caddy

Keep your toiletries organised and easily accessible by installing a shower or bath caddy. You can choose a caddy that hangs over the showerhead or attaches to the wall with suction cups.

6. Utilise the top of the Toilet

The top of the toilet can be a surprisingly useful storage space. Use a toilet tank tray to store small items like a tissue box, soap dispenser, or extra toilet paper. You can also use the top of the toilet as a place to put a decorative item.

7. Install Corner Shelves

Maximise storage space in your bathroom by installing corner shelves. Use the shelves to store toiletries, towels, or some greenery. Corner shelves are also a great way to make use of otherwise wasted or dead space.

8. Over-the-Door Storage

Don’t let the back of your bathroom door go to waste either. Hang an over-the-door storage rack to store toiletries, cleaning supplies, or other bathroom essentials. A clear plastic organiser makes it easy to see what’s inside.

9. Under-the-Sink Organiser

Make the most of your bathroom cabinet space with an under-the-sink organiser. Use baskets or shelves to store cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, or other bathroom essentials. You’ll be amazed at how much space you can free up!

10. Drawer Dividers

Say goodbye to messy bathroom drawers with drawer dividers. Use them to store makeup, hair accessories, or other small items lying around. Drawer dividers are a great way to maximise storage space and keep everything organised.

11. Lean a Ladder Shelf

Add some style to your bathroom with a ladder shelf. Use the shelves to hang towels, toiletries, or decorative items. With a ladder shelf, you can maximise wall space in a small bathroom while also adding some flair.

12. Install Wall Hooks

An empty wall can be a perfect spot for wall hooks. Hang towels, robes, and washcloths, or use the hooks to hang a basket for extra storage. Wall hooks also allow you to make use of vertical space and maximise storage in your tiny bathroom.

13. Bring In a Bar Cart

A bar cart isn’t just for entertaining guests! Use it in your bathroom to store extra towels, toiletries, or small items. By investing in a bar cart, you can free up space in your vanity or above your sink and add some pzazz to your bathroom decor.

14. Rent a Self Storage Unit

If all else fails, rent a self storage unit for the excess clutter and bulky furniture getting in your way. Storage facilities are easy to access and affordable with 24-hour security, making it the ideal decluttering solution. From small lockers to large size storage units, you can rent a unit and easily store those items that no longer have a place in your bathroom.

A clutter-free bathroom can make all the difference in your daily routine, and with these 15 bathroom storage ideas, you’ll be able to achieve just that. If you’re after a convenient and cost-effective storage solution for your bathroom, choose Louth to level up your space for less.

Whether you need room for extra furniture or a few boxes of archived documents, Louth Self Storage can assist. Pop into our top-rated facility in Manby Park or give us a call at 01507 327008, and our friendly team will get you going in no time.