• Make lists of the items you intend to store, especially larger or unusually-shaped items. It will save you space if you fold down items that can be taken apart to make more space, such as beds.

  • Work out the value of all of your items and arrange insurance cover, and when you check in, we will provide you with insurance at the rate of £3.00/month, per £1,000 of cover.

  • Use plenty of packing materials – cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, foam wrap and tape and make sure they are of good quality.

  • Completely fill the boxes- partly-filled or bulging cardboard boxes do not stack well and may tip or collapse.

  • Store heavier pieces in small boxes for easier lifting. China and breakables should be packed in strong cardboard or plastic boxes, using plenty of bubble wrap, tissue paper or loose fill.

  • Hang up your clothes – use a wardrobe or cardboard wardrobe box. We can supply these.

  • Label your boxes clearly this will help greatly when trying to find items. Where possible, take a full inventory, as it will help you remember and will be useful for your insurers.

  • Use  dust sheets to cover all furniture and protect tables and chairs with bubble wrap or foam wrap to avoid scratching, and use foam corners on picture and mirror frames.

  • Allow large and heavy items to form the base of any stack in your storage room, with lighter items at the top.

  • Use a chest of drawers or a wardrobe for storing boxes and paperwork, it will give you extra space and make things easier to find.

  • Place items to which you will need constant access near the front of your storage unit.

  • Defrost fridges and freezers to prevent water leakage, and wedge the doors open to allow ventilation.

  • Clean and dry all garden furniture before storing and make sure that your lawnmower is drained of petrol.


  • Store highly flammable liquids like petrol, spirits or paints and gas. 

  • Store live goods such as plants or animals

  • Stack or lean furniture against outside walls as this may prevent proper ventilation.